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This is what is behind the body of fitness influencers

On Instagram we see influencers with a heart-stopping body and a very busy life: trips, poses, publicity… Non-stop. Which leads us to ask ourselves in many cases: where do they find the time to train? What will your routines be like? And your diet?

Anabel Hernandez ( @anabelhernandz ) and Julia Palazón ( @juliiapege ) are two influencers from the fitness world who have told ABC how they combine their lives with physical training. Anabel Hernández is also very involved in the fashion industry and travels a lot due to her work, which means that she sometimes has to juggle to be able to practice exercise. In the case of Julia Palazón, her Nursing studies and the 12-hour internship shifts sometimes steal all the time and energy that she would like to take advantage of to do CrossFithis main sport.

Do you want to know the secret of both so as not to give up and be able to carry it all out? At ABC we tell you.

How did you start with the topic of sports?

Anabel Hernandez. I started very young, from the age of 15 or 16. I have always really liked training and for me it is a lifestyle. It’s very difficult with our work to organize or have the habit of exercising every day, but I always find a time to go to the gym or, if I’m in a hotel, I try to have a gym or go to the beach or a nearby park.

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