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This One Food May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s, New Study Says

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By this level, you’ve got heard of the Mediterranean diet. The well-liked eating way of life is wealthy in mind food like leafy greens and fish and accommodates much less poultry and purple meat than a typical Western weight-reduction plan.

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Unsurprisingly, analysis on the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan has discovered it to have a number of health benefits. A recent study, printed in Experimental Gerontology, discovered that day by day consumption of additional virgin olive oil (EVOO), an essential element of the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan, is perhaps the important thing to serving to the body battle Alzheimer’s.

Researchers noticed that examine individuals with gentle cognitive impairment had decreased markers of Alzheimer’s after being administered EVOO frequently. The purpose? It possible needed to do with the oil’s antioxidant properties.

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“When we look at the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s under the microscope, we can see abnormal accumulations of two key proteins—amyloid-beta and tau,” says Carolyn Fredericks, MD, a Yale Medicine neurologist who focuses on Alzheimer’s illness. “We know that oxidative stress can make these proteins accumulate faster, so it makes sense that antioxidants, which reduce or block the impact of oxidative stress, could be helpful to slow this process.”

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This scientific trial concerned 84 individuals, which, whereas promising, might not be sufficient to find out whether or not olive oil alone will help stop neurodegenerative issues.

“I think we need to wait for large, randomized controlled studies to be confident that any individual food or food component can prevent or fight neurodegeneration,” explains Dr. Fredericks. However, she factors out that larger studies have proven us that the Mediterranean diet as a complete can lower cognitive decline related to growing old. And although it isn’t but clear if and the way olive oil protects our mind health, this new analysis remains to be promising.

“Smaller studies like this one are exciting because they give us more information about specific nutrients,” says Fredericks. “A caveat here is that when we have tried to look at specific nutrients or components of the Mediterranean diet to see if, on their own, they can reduce the risk of memory decline, we generally haven’t found convincing results. For instance, studies of omega-3 consumption, vitamin E, and others have not shown any effect in large studies.”

Because it is laborious to say how particular elements of the weight-reduction plan have an effect on our brain health, it might be greatest to verify to include all of the facets of the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan as a substitute of specializing in only one.

“My best advice to patients at this point is that following a Mediterranean diet in a more holistic way is the best thing they can do to prevent cognitive decline and that the benefits seem to be related to the whole foods and the combination of the whole foods in this diet, rather than to any one specific nutrient that we can isolate and put in a capsule,” Fredericks says.

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