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This was her before and after

The wife José Urrutia, one of the presenters of En Contacto, has attracted attention after winning a fitness competition. Melanie Gallegos showed that with effort and tenacity you can achieve what you set out to do.

“We did it! We fulfilled what we proposed from the beginning of the year and we did it excellent, a hard road but a very satisfactory result ”, wrote the also doctor after winning first place in her category.

He expressed his admiration for all the people who dedicate themselves to this discipline. “Only those who have gone through it know how hard and sacrificial it can be, that not everyone could, and all the people who stood on that platform today deserve all my respect and admiration. I love sports and it will be a part of me as long as my body allows it! Now to stay focused but already enjoying a little more”.

Melanie also thanked her husband for his constant support in this process. While José Urrutia also dedicated an emotional message to him. “I want to start by congratulating this woman, mother, professional and wife, for having believed in you. You are an inspiration to all women. Your dedication took you to first place, I can’t get over how proud I am of you”.

Before they criticized her for her weight

In a month of intense dedication and discipline, he had a big change, he showed a picture of June versus July. “How can I not feel proud if I prove to myself every day that with perseverance and love I can achieve what I set my mind to. That no negative comment is going to make me give up or desist from my interests. I love sports, but above all I love how it makes me feel, how it makes me grow as a person. And whatever the result, I definitely already won.”

After giving birth to her son Efraín, she dedicated herself to recovering her figure with much more effort. She has not stopped being a full-time mother, a health professional, a wife, and with a health and physical goal that she has fulfilled.

In 2022 they criticized her with comments against her physique as a potbellied or flaccid, now she has closed the mouths of several detractors. Her husband has supported her at all times, at that time he defended her from those who criticized her.

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