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International Yoga Day is celebrated every June 21 to remember the wide benefits of its practice. Yoga allows us to connect body and mind, promoting general well-being and, precisely because of this, in recent years, it has gained a lot of popularity. Whether you are an expert “yogi” or you are considering starting, going well equipped to the session will help you successfully achieve your goal.

Yoga practice requires great precision and flexibility of movement. The choice of clothing is essential to be able to perform the exercises properly. non-compressive clothingthat allows total freedom of movement, breathable and without annoying seams will make the practice much more more comfortable and pleasantobtaining all the benefits of this philosophy.


Yoga Male Collection

Ecoalf Sports

The eiconic clothing brand Known mainly for its coats, it is now launching on the market with a line of sportswear: Ecoalf Sportswith which they intend to satisfy the needs of those who, in addition to being well equipped, have the faithful purpose of caring for the environment.

This new sports line covers various disciplines such as running, surfing, cycling or Pilates and yoga. The collection of sustainable clothing for yoga by Ecoalf complies with the most demanding recycling standards, applied to the entire supply chain. In addition, the garments are made with recycled materials that meet their objective both in sustainable fashion and in caring for the planet, reducing the carbon footprint, to minimize its impact and promote harmony between the consumer and the planet, hand in hand with the message: ‘One Body. One Planet’. Bali, the mecca of yoga, has served as inspiration for the names of some of its garments such as shorts canggu (€89) , made with recycled nylon from post-industrial waste for greater lightness with four-way stretch, and an opening at the bottom that allows a greater range of movement. Thanks to micro technology, extra-fine and light fibers have been achieved that offer long-lasting natural comfort with exquisite softness and lightness, as well as immediate absorption that allows greater comfort throughout the practice.


Men’s collection for yoga


With more than two decades of life, lululemon offers a line of products and experiences that transform those who use them and help make meaningful connections, to offer new possibilities of well-being to everyone. The firm has innovative fabrics and functional designs and works with yogis and athletes from local communities around the world to continue to innovate and receive feedback on their products.

Among its men’s yoga collection we find garments such as shorts (€88) made with Everlux™ quick drying, the perfect ally for hot days.

Born Living Yoga

Men’s sportswear line

Born Living Yoga

A benchmark among female followers of this type of sports, the brand launched its new line a little less than a year ago. for men. A historic milestone for the firm, which marks a before and after in its trajectory as a benchmark in the athleisure fashion. Composed of 17 models, all of them in various colors and with a total of 54 different garments, the aim of this line is to invite men to find their identity and personal style. Among his proposals, we find pieces such as the ‘shorts bay’ made in tissue ‘Skin_move’ light and elastic, to reach all movements

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