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Tips For Getting The Sand Out Of Your Hair After A Day At The Beach

Although it’s definitely going to take a few rounds of rinsing, if you have access to sand-free water, like a shower at the beach or at home, then that’s where you should go. Showering may not be as exciting at vacuuming your head, but it’s also far easier. However, when you get in the shower, don’t shampoo; conditioner is all you need. “Salt is very alkaline, so the best way to counteract the alkaline is with a conditioner because a conditioner is an acid,” Australian Mane Master Kevin Murphy tells Mane Addicts. “The conditioner will balance up the pH and take hair back to normal very quickly.”

In a couple days you can get back to washing your hair, if you choose. But considering the positive effects that salt water has on hair, in regards to texture, you may want to wait as long as possible to wash your hair again so you don’t lose the beach hair look.

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