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Tips offered for mental health wellness in light of recent world conflicts – The Oakland Press

Anxiety disorders can range from mild to severe, and could affect daily life in various ways. (Photo courtesy of Metro Creative Connection)

Oakland Community Health Network is releasing tips for families to manage stress associated with recent violence.

Conflicts abroad, including in Ukraine and recent events in Israel and the Gaza Strip, can be create sress. This is especially true if residents are concerned about family members in these areas and in their own community.

OCHN is recommending the following:


– Consider your amount of exposure to the news and ensure the news you consume is from a trusted source to limit misinformation.

– Everyone experiences events and trauma in different ways and however they think or feel after an event like this is OK. Some people respond with fear, some anger, some shock or sadness.

– Encourage people to talk about what they are thinking and feeling. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from mental health professionals, especially if thoughts of self-harm or suicide arise.

– Try to get back to routines and schedules to promote feelings of consistency and balance to reduce fear and provide a feeling of returning control and predictability.


– Acknowledge what happened. If your child is talking or asking about traumatic events, it is important for the caregivers / loved ones in their life to acknowledge what happened, provide age-appropriate information and be supportive.

– Parents may want to approach older children who may have seen the news or videos on social media and find out what they know and what their thoughts and feelings are about what happened.

– Recognize the effect this has on your child. Talk to your child about their thoughts and emotions as it pertains to the event and validate their feelings and concerns.


– Building and maintaining authentic relationships will help your partners and allies better understand and respond.

– Engage in implicit bias training and ongoing opportunities for meaningful dialogue.

– Establishing relationships with neighbors can create allies who can provide support and help counter injustice in the community.

– As a community member, you have the power to stand up to injustice.


– OCHN’s non-emergency behavioral health access department is available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. at 248-464-6363.

– OCHN’s Mental Health School Navigators connect youth and families to behavioral health and substance use supports, as well as financial assistance. For more information about the School Mental Health Navigator Program, call 248-462-6294 or email [email protected].

– Call 988, a national hotline, for crisis and emergency support.


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