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Tips to travel with a baby


Travel hacks: Tips to travel with a baby

June 14, 2023 | 11:53 am
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Travel stress free with babies from now on

Traveling with a baby is not for the weak-hearted.

Babies need constant attention, care, and comfort which might not allow you to enjoy your vacation properly when traveling with one.

However, there is no need to stress. You just need to be mindful of a few things while traveling with an infant. Here are some suggestions.

Start small

Be it a road trip or a flight, first start with a brief travel of less than two hours.

It will allow you and your baby to evaluate the entire trip and gives them a round of practice.

Keep track of their reaction throughout the journey while also assessing their comfort level. You could then make changes accordingly for your next trip.

Pack lots of snacks and extra clothing

Bring your infant simple, mess-free food. Pack a sweet dessert and protein-rich snacks for yourself too to stay satisfied while traveling.

Also, keep spare baby clothing and an extra shirt for yourself. The idea is to keep it handy so that you can quickly change out of ruined clothes in situations such as blowouts, or spitting up.

Plan your travel around their sleep schedule

Babies are easy to manage while they are asleep. So traveling during their nap time makes it convenient for you as well. This will reduce your number of stops or hassles of dealing with a crying baby throughout the journey.

Firstly, understand your baby’s sleep schedule and leave after they fall asleep.

If traveling by car, adjust the temperature to a cooler setting.

Baby wear to keep hands free

Invest in outdoor baby gear. With the baby on your back, you can tote a carry-on bag through the airport, get lunch, and even just take a break from holding a fidgety infant.

Find the one that suits your fit. Go for a water carrier to keep your baby close and introduce them to water safely if you’re going to the beach.

Give yourself lots of extra time

Do not plan a packed schedule. Everything will take longer with babies since you can never be fully prepared.

Keep in mind the possible hassles you can face and keep a buffer time when you plan your itinerary. Even if it is an hour or so, always leave yourself extra time.

This would keep you less stressed when something inevitable happens during your travel.

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