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Tlaxcalan conquest Carmen García Miss Universe Fitness – El Sol de Tlaxcala

The Tlaxcalan Carmen García was crowned in Celaya, Guanajuato as Miss Fitness Universean achievement achieved in 2017, at the Brazilian headquarters.

The native of San Pablo Apetatitlán was awarded the absolute title of the Professional Sport Model category of the World Fitness Federation(WFF for its acronym in English).

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He stressed that its championship is proudly Mexican and Tlaxcalan.

The athlete commented that for this conquest it implies desire, effort, discipline, patience, dedication, courage, passion, love, support, sleeplessness, stress, money, happiness, tears and determination.

He thanked his official sponsor Anytime Fitness Plaza Ocotlán Tlaxcala and John Man Peralta, that they believed in me; thanks to my family who is always motivating and helping me, but above all thanks to my niece Dann Hernández, who helps me a lot by making my meals every day, without her I would not have succeeded

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the tlaxcalteca two weeks ago she participated in a bikini event and for this fair, in Celaya, she did it with more volume on her shoulders and definition in abs.

  • The presentation on stage was in a sport suit, bikini and slippers.


carmen garcia He has experience in international events, held in Singapore, Ireland and the United States.

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