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Train with premium quality machines at Fitness Park Marineda

He physical exercise It’s one of the pillars of health and well-being. According to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, all adults should get at least two and a half to five hours of vigorous- or moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity per week.

To implement sport in the routine, you can choose various activities and in none of them the cost should be an impediment. It does become essential that the space where the exercise is carried out is comfortable, spacious and adapts to the needs of the current lifestyle, with facilities equipped with quality machines.

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The Fitness Park chain of gyms makes these features available to its customers with an affordable fee All public and in a extended hours 365 days a year: from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.

With more than 286 Fitness Park clubs around the world, the chain of gyms will inaugurate a new space in A Coruña on July 8 (from 10 a.m. you can train in the space), although the day before there will be a special open house event from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. enlivened with a DJ and catering. This will be located in the Marineda City shopping center. For the new club in the Herculean city they have carried out a promotion for the first ones who decided to subscribe: several weeks free.

As for the services it offers, different spaces stand out: bodybuilding, cardio training, biking. About the disciplines that can be practiced: Powerlifting, CrossTraining, Cycle, HIIT, group classes with a monitor (included in the fee) and virtual group classes to be viewed at any time.

Image of the Fitness Park training center. I CEDED

Strength training with quality machinery

Strengthen the muscles It is one of the most demanded goals and one that brings the most benefits to the body. Prevents diseases such as osteoporosis and reduces the risk of injury. That is why Fitness Park pays special attention to it: “We are the only chain in the sector that specializes to the maximum in strength training and powerlifting,” explains Roi Copero, District Manager Galicia at Fitness Park. They work with leading brands like Technogym, Eleiko, and Hammer Strength.

Image of the Fitness Park training center. I CEDED

Digitization and physical exercise

Some of the aspects that make it difficult for us to play sports are the lack of motivation, the non-existence of examples around us or the perception that it is something in which we have to suffer. At Fitness Park they try to combat this stereotype and implement elements that make the gym a more appealing place.

The club that will open its doors in the shopping center of Marineda City It has an important characteristic: digitization. This is shared with all the training spaces of the chain, which is consolidated as the most widespread in Europe in its sector.

All cardio machines have internet access and allow you to view audiovisual content from TV, YouTube, Netflix, etc. and even include video games and a racing simulator. There is also the option of connecting each user’s mobile device to the machine to record the exercise and its characteristics.

roy too highlights the app de Fitness Park: “We have our own application in which you can book group activities to ensure your place, follow training programs, request an appointment with the personal trainer or access the facility through the app with a QR code”, he concludes .

Image of the Fitness Park training center. I CEDED

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