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Vera Wang has the fitness routine to look STUNNING at 74 years old

He workout that delays the passing of the years in the body and the metabolism does exist and Vera Wang practice it. Whether in one red carpet or in a fashion show, every appearance the 74-year-old designer makes is highly impressive, as she always looks toned as if she were 20. What?!

If you also want to get in mood fit and follow in Wang’s footsteps, continue reading, because we leave you the infallible exercises that he practices and his eating plan!

What is Vera Wang’s exercise routine?

The successful American designer is the clear example that age is just a number. Not surprisingly, Wang is a lover of cyclingan activity that he has confessed on more than one occasion, he frequently practices in his spare time.

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It is well known that cycling It is one of the most effective aerobic activities to burn calories and maintain an adequate body weight, as well as helping to tone the abdomen, keep the legs strong and the buttocks firm.

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From cycling to treadmilling at home, this is how the designer stays fit!

Vera Wang He has also confessed that he usually mixes other physical activities with his training, such as weight lifting and golf. In addition, she has been seen on Instagram her love for do treadmill and functional exercisebecause being a mother remains active with all kinds of activities.

Even some time ago he confessed that the secret of his figure is not only due to his talent in figure skating and a sporadic routine. ‘Sleep is also vital when you have to run a company and raise two girls. I don’t think anyone can survive without enough sleep, because it also helps regenerate your body, so it’s vital, just like vodka. Because, let’s see, forgetting your worries with a cocktail is wonderful,’ she revealed in 2020.

What is Vera Wang’s diet?

In addition to the physical training that is essential for renowned fashion designerA good diet does not go unnoticed either.

Vera respects her three meals a day without skipping any despite being a busy woman. Among her favorite dishes are the artichoke salad, sashimi with brown rice and vegetables, steamed Chinese broccoli with chicken and rice, and Sant Ambroeus fish.

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Balance and well-being: the secret to looking amazing at 74.

Now that you know its secrets, tell us what you think of the Vera Wang fitness routine!

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