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Victoria Beckham training while David rests

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    No matter how many years pass, there are couples who remain iconic. Victoria and David Beckham are one of them. Each publication that the duo shares on Instagram causes a stir on the networks, from declarations of love on Valentine’s Day to videos training together. There are no images in which both go out together and it does not go viral. The last one has been a post that the designer has published, where we can see the ex Spice Girl Giving it her all on the elliptical, while her husband looks at his phone and unloads his muscles with a massager. A picture that Victoria has immortalized and later commented in a comical tone: “While one of us works very hard … the other looks great that he is not doing much 🥴.”

    Victoria Beckham training while David rests

    At 48 years old, Victoria Beckham It continues to be the benchmark for countless women, not only artistically, in terms of their projects related to fashion and cosmetics, but also as a girl. fitnesswith a very marked sports routine and a discipline worthy of admiration.

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    We know that full-body toning exercises are a must in their routines, but when the designer trains with her husband, she usually opts for exercises to activate the corealthough in this last training together, Victoria Beckham has continued with the cardio while her husband rested for a while, a moment that he has taken advantage of to immortalize and hang on networks.

    After 20 years of relationship with David, both continue to form a team unbreakable that blends perfectly, not only on a sentimental level, but also on a sports one, although the images that the designer has shared are not the most obvious proof of this.

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