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Violeta Mangriñán’s easy exercises to crush the buttocks and legs

Violet Mangriñán she has shown countless times that she is a fitness girl from head to toe. There is no sports routine, however intense it may be, that she can with the influencer, and if there is something that characterizes her, it is that endless energy to kick start your workouts. We know that sport is a fundamental pillar in her life, as demonstrated in her postpartum exercises after giving birth to her daughter Gala, where despite the physical demands that certain sessions required, Violeta always gave the 200%.

These are the HIIT exercises that Violeta Mangriñán follows to show off an ass of steel

Violeta Mangriñán has shared a video with her followers on Instagram stories in which the influencer appears giving everything in her routine to tone buttocks and legs. The training to strengthen the lower body that you have published does not lack detail, where dumbbells and kettlebells have been very present.

They could not miss the influencer’s training exercises for the abdominal area and the pelvic floor such as the bird dog, as well as others more focused on the core and the development of the leg muscles such as the Goblet squat with elevated heels, in addition to using accessories for gluteal exercises to increase intensity such as the miniband. If you are looking to get started in this type of routines focused on the lower body, this one from Nieves Bolós is undoubtedly a must.

preview for Buttocks and legs exercises to combine and tone like never before

Another of the essential accessories in the routine of Violeta Mangriñán They are the weights, to give that extra strength to the exercises, highlighting the dumbbells and kettlebells. And it is that they are perfect to complete the routine and transform it into a high intensity one, ideal to test all the muscles of the body.

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