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VivaGym offers a fitness center dedicated to personal care

He personal care It is key to guaranteeing a good quality of life and avoiding any type of health problems, such as disorders and diseases that can be complex.

One of the ways to do this is through physical exercise routines, which allow you to maintain a healthy weight, tone your muscles, and speed up your metabolism.

That’s the approach you have vivagyma center fitness with more than 50 gyms in Spain that stands out in the market for its no permanence policy and the large number of directed activities offered to the public. The proposal is innovative within the segment low cost and is focused on meeting the expectations of partners.

High quality directed activities

One of the main characteristics that VivaGym has is the variety of directed activities which customers can access.

They are planned by experts, with the intention of adapting to the tastes and needs of people, always favoring enjoyment in each routine.

One of the sports proposals is cardio, which is highly recommended for those whose main objectives are burning fat and eliminating calories. Within it, you can opt for different classes, such as body combat, body attack and long live run.

The cycle segment also stands out, which has the particularity of offering all kinds of exercises on pedals, with the intention of promoting fat burning in a different way. Some of the activities that can be chosen are cycling, virtual cycling, HIT cycling and power cycling.

To these options are added toning, body and mind, and choreography. In particular, the latter is formed from the proposals dance moves and buzzes.

Keys to access the VivaGym family

The large number of clubs that VivaGym has allows future members to choose the option that best suits their daily activities, without the need for extensive transfers that consume too much time.

Along these lines, the company’s main recommendation is to select the club closest to your home or work. Currently, VivaGym has offices in Seville, Valencia, Murcia, Barcelona, ​​Almería, Granada and Madrid, among other locations.

It is also key to select the type of fee, according to each person’s own requirements. One option is the Club Feewhich allows training in the main gym, unlimited access and VivaGym training plans on-line. In addition, you can opt for the Zone and Iberia options. The latter allows entry to more than one hundred gyms, class reservations 48 hours in advance and personalized nutrition, among other issues.

With a clear focus on personal care through personalized physical activity, VivaGym is set as a reference option throughout Spain.

VivaGym offers a fitness center dedicated to personal care VivaGym offers a fitness center dedicated to personal care

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