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Want a custom Stanley tumbler? Here’s how to add a monogram, logo, and more to your favorite cup

By now, if you don’t have a Stanley tumbler, you’ve probably seen them, or at least heard about them. The giant stainless steel insulated cups (or “big dumb cups” as SNL calls them) are everywhere. But what’s the fun of having the exact same cup as everyone else? You can add your own personal touch to the trend by getting a custom Stanley tumbler engraved with your name, monogram, favorite quote, business logo — the possibilities are endless.


Choose your size and color, and make your Stanley tumbler truly yours with custom engraving.

$55 at Stanley

You can customize your Stanley exclusively on the brand’s website for an extra $10. Simply select the type of cup you want and choose your color under the “customize” category. (Unfortunately, only core colors — no limited-edition hues — are available.) Then, upload a design, choose from a range of clip art, or write anything up to 45 characters, from your name to a favorite sports team or song lyrics. Choose between five fonts and whether you want your text displayed horizontally or vertically. The Greek alphabet is even available if you want to display a sorority or fraternity name.

A personalized Stanley tumbler is also a gift idea that goes above and beyond. Last Christmas, I purchased a custom Stanley for two of my football-loving, middle-school-aged cousins with “Go Cleveland Browns” written down the side (their favorite team). They were ecstatic! I’m planning to make another for my friend, a bride, to take on her bachelorette trip.

customized stanley tumblerscustomized stanley tumblers

Easily find your cup in a sea of Stanleys when you add your own custom engraving. (Stanley)

Custom Stanley tumblers ship in two to three weeks. Just keep in mind that once you customize your cup, you can’t return it. Of course, the likelihood that you’d return a Stanley is low — there’s a lot to love about these big tumblers. They keep drinks cold for an entire day, plus they have a slim base that fits into most cupholders, a handle that makes them easy to tote despite their size, and a straw that makes drinking water more fun. Oh yeah, and they’re incredibly durable. (Did you see one woman’s video of her Stanley surviving a car fire?)

If you want to show the world that your Stanley is yours — or that you’re just not like the others — head to Stanley’s website and customize yours ASAP. The hardest part? Waiting the couple weeks for it to arrive.


You can’t return a customized Stanley, but trust us: You won’t want to.

$55 at Stanley

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