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Wellness retreat manager shares tips for staying healthy while travelling

Work at one of the world’s top wellness retreats for eight years and you’ll learn a thing or two about prioritising wellbeing at home and while travelling.

From researching restaurants to packing bags of nuts, Gwinganna’s general manager Deb Muster shares her tips and tricks for staying well no matter where she is, with Sarah Pollok.

How do you prioritise wellbeing while overseas or on holiday?

Everyone’s approach to wellness varies, so it’s really good to identify the activities or practices that align with your personal preferences and values. Personally, for me, three things come to mind.

1. Plan ahead


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I would generally plan ahead a little bit in terms of searching for wellness-focused activities or facilities at my destination.

I’ll look for hiking trails or actually, I’m a big mountain-biking fan. Plus, accommodation that offers amenities such as a fitness centre or spa.

Taking time to exercise is important but travellers should think about what they enjoy doing, said Munster. Photo / Supplied
Taking time to exercise is important but travellers should think about what they enjoy doing, said Munster. Photo / Supplied

2. Eat mindfully

When I’m enjoying the local cuisine which is obviously an essential part of travelling, I’m mindful of making food choices, I would seek out restaurants that offer nutritious options that focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


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3. Practice self-care

Research suggests self-care promotes positive health outcomes, including fostering resilience, so I look for activities that can help me relax and rejuvenate while away.

Things like meditation, journalling, reading, taking long runs, enjoying a massage or a spa treatment; things we don’t often get to do during our very busy, heavily scheduled lives.

What are your must-pack wellness items when travelling?

Well first of all I’ve always got my reusable water bottle, staying hydrated is essential for overall wellbeing, so that helps me maintain healthy hydration levels.

Good quality sleep is crucial for wellness. So, I pack things that enhance my sleeping experience such as my silk eyemask, and my noise-cancelling headphones, which are the best things ever.

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I make sure I have my little bag of healthy nuts and snacks and I also take my own herbal tea bags because I don’t drink coffee.

Then, I pack my journal or my gratitude diary, especially when I’m on holiday. I don’t get a lot of time in my very busy life, so when I’m away I have a chance to spend time on self-reflection.

What are the advantages of a wellness retreat away from home?

Going away on a wellness retreat provides a dedicated space and time to prioritise your wellbeing, recharge, gain a new perspective, and acquire tools for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

You can step away from your usual environment and routine and enhance mental clarity or focus.


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At Gwinganna, the majority of our guests are here for stress reduction. So, we provide opportunities to disconnect from the pressures of daily life and create a space for relaxation.

There’s also an element of connection and community. Retreats bring together like-minded individuals who are focused on wellness and this sense of community and shared experience can be really supportive.

Gwinganna is a health retreat in Australia’s Gold Coast. For more information on retreats, events and accommodation, visit gwinganna.com.

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