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What do the presenters of the ‘Challenge’ eat to be able to be fit?

It is no secret to anyone that the presenters of ‘Desafío’, Andrea Serna and Gabriela Tafur, are very strong women and it shows in their toned figure. And it is that for their non-verbal language to be in tune with the program they present, these women must stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Gabriela Tafur has recounted on various occasions that she does approximately two hours of daily training, one hour of weights and 40 minutes of cardio.

Andrea Serna’s training follows the same line, but the most impressive thing is that she must complement it with a special diet.

What the presenters of ‘Desafío’ eat

And contrary to what many might think, the ‘Challenge’ presenters are skinny who eat a lot, but healthy.

Andrea Serna shared on TikTok what she eats in a day and there are practically 5 well-loaded meals.

Start the day with coffee, have 4 eggs with cheese, oat flakes, almond milk, fruit and protein for breakfast. At midmorning he eats a sandwich with rice bread and grilled breast, plus a multivitamin.

Lunch, that particular day, was chicken, rice, salad and for dessert he had chocolate. The afternoon snack consisted of four boiled eggs and closed with Creole steak, roasted plantain and asparagus soup.

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And it is that the presenters of the Challenge eat very well, unless Gabriela Tafur says so, who also made the video and showed her food in one day.

She starts with coffee and then takes amino acids. For breakfast: tea, papaya with orange, three whites and one egg, rice bread with turkey ham, almond cheese and more coffee.

The morning snack was her protein shake plus a handful of nuts. For lunch she ate rice noodles with chicken and vegetables. In the afternoon he ate cereal with almond milk plus strawberries and at night he had a chicken and vegetable wrap for dinner.

So see, to be fit you don’t need to endure hunger. On the contrary, you have to eat a lot and your pocket can hold out.

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