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What To Do When You Feel Lonely—These 19 Expert-Recommended Tips Might Just Help You Feel Better | Henry Herald Parade Partner Content

Feeling lonely? You’re hardly alone. With cell phones, social media, air travel and the internet, people are more connected now than ever before. In fact, thanks to technology, a mom in Florida can speak with her child in California in an instant. But that doesn’t mean people feel seen, heard or even less lonely. Millions of Americans experience feelings of longing and isolation. Why? Because America is facing a loneliness crisis. According to a 2018 study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 22 percent of Americans say they constantly feel alone and that number is only rising.

“Loneliness can be defined as a pervasive sense of disconnection from family and friends,” Jason Woodrum, a licensed therapist at New Method Wellness, tells Parade. “It can manifest in a sense of actual physical distance between ourselves and others, but it’s not required. We can have a profound sense of loneliness in a room full of those that matter to us.” 

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