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Who is the model brother of Tini Stoessel: fitness, travel and friend of Rodrigo De Paul

no one doubts that Tini Stoessel is a singer and actress who, in recent years, has reached international star level. Thus, thanks to her popularity, fans of this artist know everything about her life, her work and her family. In this last item, the family, the figure of Francis Stoesselthe older brother of the talented tini.

Francis, better known as Fran, is 27 years old, and studies social communication. In recent times, he has also become a popular character due to his exposure on social networks and for posing in several photos with his sister, whom he usually accompanies on his shows and tours, and also in videos of TikTok.

One of Fran Stoessel’s passions is visiting different parts of the world; in this case, Madrid, in SpainIg / @franstoessell

In cases where Tiny and Franboth sons of Alejandro Stoessel and Mariana Muzleraappear in various portraits together, the followers of both brothers are amazed at the great resemblance they have with each other.

As a model, Fran Stoessel posed for the most prestigious international brandsIg / @franstoessell

As time goes by, the brother of the star who played Violeta is increasing the number of his followers and already has more than 1,100,000 on his Instagram account. There, the young man reveals his passion for travel, fashion and the fitness life.

Fran Stoessel is a fan of fitness life and this is demonstrated on her social networksIg / @Franstoessell

Thus, he can be seen on different postcards in different places around the world, but also exhibiting different clothing models and, finally, his musculature that reveals a hard work of several hours in the gym. His posts usually receive hundreds of thousands of “likes” and often one of the main commentators on them is his own sister. tiniwhich fills it with heart emojis.

In addition, both on the social network and in real life, Fran He demonstrates an excellent relationship with his brother-in-law, the world champion soccer player with the national team, Rodrigo DePaul. With the, Fran He has been in Qatar during the World Cup, both cheering from the stands and in moments of relaxation, such as when they went together for lunch at a Greek tavern after the team thrashed Croatia in the semifinal of that memorable tournament.

Fran Stoessel celebrated the winning of the Qatar 2023 World Cup by the Argentine team with his brother-in-law, the footballer Rodrigo de PaulIg / @franstoessell

in your account instagramin relation to the world Qatar 2022, Fran He uploaded a series of images in which he is with his brother-in-law and the cup in hand, both smiling, on the playing field where the final against France was played. In the caption to that post, the boy wrote: “Forever”along with light blue and white heart emojis.

In labor terms, Fran Stoessel traveled in 2018 to The Angels to try her luck as a model, and in a short time she was able to shine in the international market, posing for prestigious brands such as Carolina HerreraGarçon García and Hugo Boss, among others.

Despite the fact that currently the brother of the singer of the triple T continues to work with the big fashion firms, according to the magazine People, he prefers to focus on finishing his career as a communicator.


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