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Xiaomi launches a gadget that allows you to set up a home gym even if you have very little space | gadgets

Xiaomi It has a catalog of the most curious products and where we find gadgets of all kinds. And now, the Asian firm has just presented a workbench that will allow you to set up a gym at home even if you have very little space.

Under the name of Pony Vitality Fitness Benchwe are dealing with a product that has just been launched in the Xiaomi crowdfunding website and where it is sweeping for everything it offers.

Pony Vitality Fitness Bench, Xiaomi’s all-in-one to have a gym at home

We are talking about a white workbench that has all kinds of accessories so you can train. Designed to be placed in the living room, or even on the balcony, its small dimensions (117 x 34 x 41.5 cm folded) you can save it wherever you want.

With wood finishes to provide durability, Xiaomi’s Pony Vitality Fitness Bench boasts a stool made of high-tech nano-leather material, which is resistant to sweat.

Available in three versions, the most basic model includes dumbbells of all kinds, while the expert and family model has more elements. Note that you can control the resistance of the handles to gradually increase the weight and train in the best conditions.

To give you the idea, The basic model includes two sets of dumbbells and elastic bands, the more professional model has six sets of dumbbells, while the family model comes with dumbbells, boxing balls, and a balance beam in addition to all the accessories mentioned above.

Through this workbench you will be able to do all kinds of exercises comfortably and without leaving your home. You will be able to enterlifting chest, triceps, biceps, barbell shoulder raises, rowing, chest press… A most versatile product

Even It is designed for you to use the workbench to do crunches through different positions. Of course, although it is a most complete product, we are very afraid that it will not leave China, at least for now.

Although the distributors that ship to Spain will not take long to have this product in stock, so you will have to be careful if you want to set up a home gym at the best price. More, seeing the price of the Xiaomi Pony Vitality Fitness Bench.

  • Xiaomi Pony Vitality Fitness Basic Bench: 99 euros to change
  • Xiaomi Pony Vitality Fitness Professional Bench: 113 euros to change
  • Xiaomi Pony Vitality Fitness Family Bench: 196 euros to change

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