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Young man from Durango wins sixth place in world fitness

Daniela Morales NW Durango

Representing the Mexican Physical Constructivism Team, Karla Asereth Marín Silva, a young woman from Durango, obtained sixth place in the Children’s Fitness World Cup held in Serbia from June 16 to 19.

Competing against 22 participants in the Acrobatic Athletic Fitness category, he won sixth place and a trophy in recognition of his first international competition.

The young lady traveled to the old continent and represented an entire country; She is supported by the State Government, the State Sports Institute and with the endorsement of the Mexican Federation of Physical Constructivism and Fitness (FMFF), which is chaired by Francisco Cabezas.

Asereth achieved his pass to the world championship after obtaining the absolute championship in children’s acrobatic athletic fitness within the Mister México Juvenil y Veteranos contest, held in Mexico City.

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