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Zenyazen Escobar promotes physical constructivism and fitness with Mr. and Miss Tutunaku – HoyXalapa

  • More than 100 participants, both men and women, came to the Arena Veracruz to participate in what is already considered the best event of its kind in Veracruz.

Boca del Río, Ver., June 20, 2023.- For the second consecutive year, the Mr. and Miss Tutunaku Guerreros Jarochos physical constructivism and fitness contest was held at the Veracruz Arena, within the Leyes de Reforma Sports Complex, in which the overall winners were Miss Bikini, Itzel Reyes; from Miss Bikini Wellness, Paola Michelle Merchant (both from Orizaba), and absolute winner of the Men’s Physique qualifiers, Roberto Medina from Veracruz.

When welcoming the participants, the Secretary of Education, Zenyazen Escobar García, stressed that the Cuitláhuac García Jiménez government has given an unprecedented boost to sports, as demonstrated through the Veracruz Baseball Cup, the Tlachtli de Futbol Soccer or the recognition that the National Sports and Sports Development Commission (CONADE) has given when once again considering the state of Veracruz for national and international events, such as the Wold Para Athletics Grand Prix that took place a few months ago or the WPPO Parapan American World Cup.

After extending the congratulations for Father’s Day, Escobar García indicated that fisicoconstructivimos is a family sport like the rest, which allows good habits to be instilled in girls, boys and young people, being Mr. and Miss Tutunaku Guerreros Jarochos the the best event of its kind in the state, the 17 categories that make it up and the registration of 96 men and 15 women prove it.

He thanked the support of the Veracruz Sports Institute (IVD) for this contest, which was coordinated by the head of the Department of Physical Culture, Thaelis Carreón García, through the space for its realization, in addition to the trophies, and emphasized that the economic prize was given personally, because it is a sport that he practiced.

He pointed out that sport is added to several actions that are implemented in the entity to have a better society in all aspects, for this reason the Workshop for Parents is held, which affects the emotional health of educational communities, as well as the campaigns “If you get high, you get hurt” and #Don’t Play WithDrugs.

As a guest, the deputy director of Quality for Sport, Israel Benítez Morteo, thanked on behalf of the organization’s director, Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza, the hospitality that the Veracruz authorities have shown for CONADE to carry out important events, in addition to treating of a federal entity that is the seedbed of great athletes, who will surely give good results in the Central American Games in El Salvador 2023.

In the same way, he reiterated CONADE’s willingness to continue supporting athletes, not only from Veracruz, but from the entire country.

In his speech, the director of the IVD, José Alberto Nava Lozano, underlined the support for sports given by Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez and the Secretary of Education, including improvements to sports facilities, such as the venue for the event that took place this day. In addition, he thanked the presence of Miss Bikini Fitness, Ivette Martínez García, and world champion José Armando Félix Ibarra.

Within this framework, awards were given to the director of CONADE, Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza, for her inspiring career in the history of national and international sports, in addition to her promotion of the state’s sports culture; to the deputy director of Quality for Sports at CONADE, Israel Benítez Morteo, for promoting sports culture through international events that unite and promote inclusion; to Claudia Viveros Landa, for her outstanding career, fortitude and discipline in physical-constructivism, inspiring women to achieve their dreams.

Also to José Rafael Medina Muñoz, René Andrade Núñez and Daniel Montiel Caballero, for their commitment, passion and career in the discipline of physical constructivism.

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