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Zheng Geping’s health and fitness tips for looking great in your 50s CNA Lifestyle

For those new to exercise or haven’t been active for a while, he suggested jogging or brisk walking, especially for seniors, if they have joint issues. “You don’t have to run for at least half an hour to get results,” he said. “If you’re a beginner and are struggling to jog for 5 minutes, then just jog for 3 minutes. It’s okay. Your stamina will improve with time.

“Rest when you get tired,” he continued. “The last thing you want are injuries. When you’re injured, it’ll set you back in your exercise routine and cause you to fall off the bandwagon. Then, it’s another uphill task to pick it up again after recovering.”


If you want training guidance, go to a gym for it. “There are so many gyms to choose from… commercial gyms to those run by Active SG, Safra, Home Team and community clubs,” said Zheng. “It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on gym memberships.”

When you’re there in the gym, don’t make it about how heavy you lift, said Zheng. It’s not a number game. “It’s about using what you can manage when you’re starting out. If you can lift 5kg, then start with 5kg. Slowly, as you build up your strength and endurance, you can progressively increase the weight you use. You don’t have to use heavy weights to gain health benefits.”


“There will be days when you don’t feel like doing anything. You can feel the fatigue everywhere if you’ve overworked yourself physically or mentally. If you feel out of sorts, rest,”  he said. 

“Rest is also when your body builds muscles. Pushing yourself on would be unwise as you can get injured easily. Sleep, watch a movie by yourself or with family. Whatever you do, step away from work and the gym.”

But if your body is telling you that every day, it could well be laziness, he said. “Laziness is in your mind. You give yourself a lot of excuses.” Zheng advised using a timetable and setting up a routine. “For example, if you schedule your gym session at 8am, be there by 10am at the latest,” he said.


There’s no difference between what a young and older person does to stay healthy, according to Zheng. To help you stick better to the changes to live healthier, the veteran actor recommended keeping it simple: Have ample sleep, hydrate, stay positive and watch your diet.

“You can’t run away from these maxims. But people don’t put them into practice because they think: How can it be so simple? So, they look for over-complicated methods. But really, it doesn’t have to be that way.”

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