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In this hot 1 hour power yoga workout you will build lots of heat, sweat, burn calories, improve flexibility, mobility, build strength & endurance. Excellent combination for your weight loss journey, toning the body & improving metabolism. [Workout starts 2:14]

In this workout we will slowly warm up releasing tension in your whole body . We start by mobilizing spine, ribcage, hips, ankles . We stretch hamstrings , chest, abs, side body, back, release tension through arm lines. Then we start moving vinyasa style building heat, getting deeper in our stretches, challenging strength, endurance, agility, incorporating dynamic moves, pulses & repetitions for HIIT effect.

There is lots of works for your arms, legs, compression, work on elasticity of quads & inner thighs
glutes, shoulders, core activation, hips mobility , balance & coordination.

You will feel fully awakened , energized, fully present & have a nice sense of release & inner activation in your whole body. You will burn calories long after the workout.

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Timestamps :
00:00 – 2:15 AD – ALIEXPRESS Sponsoring this class
2:14 – class intro
2:31 – warm up , mobilization
18:30 – standing sequence / main workout
57:33 – cool down stretching

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