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10 tips and tricks to raise your salary

Asking for more money from one’s current or prospective employer can be uncomfortable, if not terrifying, to the point that some workers rather not ask at all. But with the right strategies and mindsets, workers can find the confidence they need to climb the pay ladder.

Employee Benefit News asked business leaders across several industries, ranging from recruitment and career coaching to retail, for their advice for negotiating salaries, and how they worked toward better pay themselves. 

“If you’re preparing for a performance review or planning a negotiation, find out how your company measures performance,” says Eva Chan, senior career coach at resume builder platform Resume Genius. “Back up your self-assessment with hard numbers, tangible results, and positive peer reviews.” 

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While it takes effort, employees are still in a favorable position when it comes to taking advantage of the market and reevaluating their worth in their industry and in their workplace. The unemployment rate is low, at just 3.7%, suggesting that the labor market is still tight and employers are still looking for fresh talent while working to retain the talent they have. 

Here are 10 tips and strategies that can help anyone questioning their value at work come to the negotiation table ready and empowered. 

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