5 Takeaways From OMG 2 Actor’s Diet and Fitness

Akshay Kumar has a dedicated and resolute health and fitness regime that has a learning for every one. The actor will soon be seen in his upcoming movie OMG 2.

Akshay Kumar is just not an actor that we love to see. He is one of those fitness figures people take inspiration from and look up to. He is 55 yet glowing and growing in his health and fitness. Stories have always been about how he performs several of his stunts of his own. The OMG 2 actor is all fit and fabulous and for all the right reasons. During several interviews, his co-actors and he himself have spoken about how serious he is about his health. From dietary practices to lifestyle, Akki, as he is often affectionately called, does it all. That body, that sculpted physique was not a month’s hard work, it is a health treasure he made for himself.



The Khiladi actor is proficient in other activities like karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo. In several interviews, hi co-actors have revealed how Akshay or Akki, as he is affectionately called hardly miises a day of running those miles even pos shoot.

Known for some spectacular action scenes, sometimes we do wonder, what does it take and how?! Here some of the takeaways from the actors’ overall health and fitness routine:

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  1. A1 Discipline: Well, discpline will make you go places and this is where many of us fall short. Commitment to a fitness regime may sound easy but is not, however, is essential. Akshay’s hardcore discipline towards his health goals is what is required to build to that level.
  2. A Proper Sleep Cycle: While sleep deprivation has becoming a dark humour theme people bond over these days, it is very underrated. Haviong a proper sleep schedule and having that good quality slumber is extremely important. Taking adequate rest is imperative to let the body recover the wear and tear from the day. Akshay’s sleep cycle is no secret, he has openely admitted how he sleeps by 9 pm and is an early bird who starts his chirp by 5:30 am.
  3. A Health Regime to Enjoy: Long hours at the gym is not everyone’s dumbel to lift (pun intended). After a point it may become mundane hence it is importnat tro keep a twist. Have a routine that incorporates may be some yoga, swimming to break from the home to gym, gym to home routine. The Oh My God actor has vested interest in martial arts, stretching exrecises, yog and ofcourse the gy, Kee it colourful to maintai that discipline.
  4. Making the Right Dietary Choices: While health is a subjective issue, Akshay Kumar’s is a true inspiration in this area. There are several health fads and diets that keep doing the round. But, the fitness freak here likes to eat it all given it should be toxin-free. Eating meals at proper time, in proper portion size and burning calories is vital. Fruit smoothies and protein rich diet is what the star believes in.

There is a lot to learn from the health and fitness routine of Akshay Kumar. While it is not easy to get there, it surely is not impossible.

Akshay Kumar will next be seen in his upcoming movie OMG 2. It is the much-awaited sequel to Oh My God. The teaser is out for the movie starring Yami Gautam and Paresh Rawal. With excitement already built around the movie, Akhsy will donn the role of Lord Shiva for the movie.

Published Date:July 11, 2023 2:11 PM IST

Updated Date:July 11, 2023 2:13 PM IST

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