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5 Tips To Stick To Your Yoga Practice Even When You’re Traveling

Yoga helps in more ways than one. Practicing yoga is beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. One concern that may arise is maintaining consistency with your yoga regimen. Yoga must be practiced religiously for an extended duration before it starts showing its benefits to any individual. For this to happen, finding the time to be regular with it is a crucial change you need to make. It may be specifically tricky while you are travelling. So here are a few tips you can follow while travelling instead of missing a yoga session.

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Tips For Maintaining Yoga Practice While On Travel

1. Carry A Yoga Mat

One thing that will absolutely make up your mind to practice yoga even on a holiday is the comfort of a yoga mat. Even if you feel like switching it with a thick carpet or a mattress, you may not feel the same discipline that you would feel with a yoga mat. You can check out yoga mats specially designed for travel to make them easy to carry.

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2. Use Online Classes Or Videos

If you are a beginner at yoga or do not have a schedule, you can join online classes which will give you the flexibility to join from anywhere. You can also access the various tutorial videos available online these days if you do not want to abide by a particular schedule.

3. Practice Surya Namaskars

Surya namaskars or the sun salutations are said to affect the entire body. It is also easy to practice them anywhere, provided you find a little stretching space for yourself. Practising 10 to 12 Surya namaskars is a good practice that can keep you feeling energetic and tone your body at the same time.

4. Start Your Day Early

If you are not sure you will find time during the day to practice your daily yoga, start your day earlier than usual. When on a trip, there may definitely be an itinerary you would want to follow, so instead of skipping a yoga session, wake up early and start with at least a few practices.

5. Meditate

As mentioned earlier, yoga is all about the body, mind, and soul. So if you are too tired from traveling and do not want to practice any poses, indulge in a meditation session. By sitting in the stillness, you will be able to connect to yourself and the nature around you. This will ensure you feel better at the end of the meditation session.

So next time you make travel plans, you need not worry about losing your touch with yoga.

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