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Arrested for defrauding more than 11,000 euros by selling fitness products online that he did not send later

Agents of the Civil Guard of Valencia have arrested in Malaga, within the framework of the OLINGA operation, a man accused of defrauding more than 11,000 euros from the clients of a fitness product page, by sending incomplete orders and subsequently answering the complaints with evasions.

The investigation was born from a complaint filed in March of this year, when a person reported having requested sports equipment through a website that was never sent.

Throughout the investigations, the investigators verified that the owner of a gym located in Malaga was the one who operated the website under investigation, the armed institute reported in a statement.

The modus operandi of this platform consisted of not sending a part of the orders that were requested, and later responding to the claims with evasions or not responding for long periods of time. The author’s objective was to delay the process and get his victims to give up.

In the cases in which he was criminally denounced, the suspect agreed to send the requested products to get the victims to abandon the legal proceedings and thus be able to continue carrying out his criminal activity.

Finally, the investigators verified that the suspect carried out this practice on about 20 occasions, which produced an economic loss of more than 11,000 euros for his victims.

For these events, the agents proceeded to arrest the person responsible, a 32-year-old Polish national, while at the same time they managed to have the website blocked by law.

The Court of First Instance and Instruction number 1 of Picassent is aware of these facts.

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