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6 times Kate Upton shared savvy skincare and wellness tips

Kate Upton was the cover model of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in the 2012, 2013 and 2017 editions. Apart from this, she has made many appearances on the covers of other prominent magazines and has walked the ramp for top fashion houses.

As a model, she knows a thing or two about skincare and wellness. We bring you six such instances when the former model shared savvy skincare and wellness tips.

6 times Kate Upton discussed skincare and wellness on social media

1) Kate Upton hinted at using sun protection

In an Instagram reel, Kate Upton highlighted the use of sun protection while under the sun.

2) Kate Upton’s guide to a night-time skincare routine

In this Instagram reel, Upton showed her followers how to use a night-time skincare routine using Found Active’s several beauty and wellness products. She did so by using the brand’s relaxation powder, bubble pads, rose face and body spray, face serum, eye cream, water cream and moisturizing face serum as essential steps in skincare.

3) Kate Upton reveals behind the scenes of a fresh look

Upton shared two pictures on Instagram: one with her having a fresh look and the other where she uses a face mask to get that look. She tagged the hashtag #FashionvsReality to highlight the good looks behind the scenes.

4) Kate Upton’s guide to morning skincare routine

In this Instagram reel, Upton shows her followers how to take care of their skin in the morning using Found Active’s several beauty and wellness products.

She used Found Active’s face cleansing wiper, brightening face serum with Vitamin C, recovery hydrasurge water cream, awakening gel eye cream, SPF and vibrant for immune support as essential steps for morning skincare.

5) Kate Upton advocates for make-up-free look

In an exclusive interview with People, Upton mentioned that it’s okay to use makeup to feel better and more confident about yourself. But one should not use it excessively to keep up with social media trends.

“I feel like makeup is so nice, and if you use it in a way that makes you feel better about yourself, but there’s also so many times when you’re putting on makeup to cover up or change different aspects of your face,” Upton said. “I see it more and more with social media, with face tuning, and using makeup to change your appearance.”

“With that, I think it creates a negative mental relationship with yourself, that you feel you should change,” she added. “So, I think being makeup-free for me stands for loving myself how I am. Although I do love makeup and usually wear it, I appreciate what being makeup-free means.”


6) Kate Upton shows how to use bubble pad

In an Instagram reel, Justin Verlander‘s wife showed how to use Found Active’s bubble pad. In the reel, she first wets her face with water, exfoliates it nicely with a bubble pad, and then rinses it off to get a fresh look anytime of the day.

Upton is married to Houston Astros starting pitcher Justin Verlander and the couple shares a daughter named Genevieve Upton Verlander.

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