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A dead man inside the City Fitness gym, in Cuautlancingo

A man was shot to death and another was injured, after a shooting inside a gym located in the Auxiliary Board The Trinity Sanctorumbelonging to the municipality of cuautlancingothe facts were recorded this Wednesday afternoon.

Witnesses to the events reported that at least one armed person had entered the City Fitness gymlocated on Revolución street right in front of the pantheon El Eden Funeral Parkdirectly attacked the person in charge of the establishment, whom he took his life at the moment.

There are also reports that at least one other person was injured by a gunshot, the events occurred around one in the afternoon of this day, users of this exercise center were the ones who notified the number 911reason why emergency units were mobilized to the place.

It is known that it was a direct attack against the commission of the place, it is speculated that he was sitting when the hitman he shot him, although there are no reports, it is presumed that it could be a reckoning due to the dynamics in how the events occurred, a person was injured in the attack, at the moment the authorities keep total secrecy about the facts.

Following the reports, Cuautlancingo municipal police, as well as an ambulance from the Advanced Medical Emergency System (ADDITION) arrived at the place, the paramedics assessed a man who already lacked vital signs, due to the injuries caused by a firearm projectile, another person who was injured, would have received a bullet that did not compromise his life, for which he was stabilized on the spot and later taken to a hospital.

According to an unofficial version, elements of the Cuautlancingo police have arrested the person responsible for the homicide, although this has not been confirmed; Investigating agents of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) of Pueblathey carried out expert reports and collected evidence inside the gym, the body of the victim whose identity was not revealed, was sent to the amphitheater.

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