A Fitness Center In The UK Is Ironically Named “Garth’s Gym – Future Bodies”

If Garth Brooks owned a gym, it would have to be named this exact same thing.

For all we know, the “Garth’s Gym – Future Bodies” could very well be under Brooks’ ownership, and if it is, it only adds fuel to the “where are the bodies Garth” fire. And speaking of fire, if the 2-time-Grammy winner is a serial killer, there’s another possibility of where all the bodies went…

You might be lost on the whole thing, so if you need an in-depth explanation about it, I would click on the link above. If you are okay with a short refresher, stick with me here.

The whole joke stems from a video that the country music legend released back in 2018 promoting his Stadium Tour (he wanted to call it the Big-Ass Stadium Tour).

If you happened to miss it, just notice his cold, dead eyes throughout the announcement and stick around for the end where he weirdly says he really likes “getting physical playing music.”

Take a look:

So yeah, that video came out, and comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky reacted like this to it:

Loyal followers of Segura and Pazsitzky followed the lead of the two comedians and then started bombarding any social media posts of Brooks’ with comments asking:

“Where are the bodies Garth?”

Which is what makes the name of this gym in the United Kingdom so ironically interesting. The name “Garth’s Gym – Future Bodies” happens to share two very important connection points to this long-running joke (we hope it’s a joke).

Future Bodies | Rugeley

What are the odd’s that the fitness center would feature both the name of the country music superstar in the middle of the conspiracy and what he would consider the people (Future Bodies) going to the gym if he were, in fact, a serial killer?

It’s almost too obvious, you know? Which makes the whole thing even more suspicious, because maybe that’s what Garth wants us all to think?

“Garth’s Gym- Future Bodies” could very well just be a gym owned by a guy who happens to also be named Garth, and “Future Bodies” could act as an inspiration for all those attending and working towards their improved physiques.

That’s probably what it is.

(Puts tin foil hat on)

But what if this very gym is where Garth Brooks is somehow pulling off all of these (alleged) heinous acts? It all makes complete, perfect, no-way-it-could-be-a-stretch sense.

Maybe Garth isn’t burying the bodies, but he’s shipping them across the pond and disguising the weight as “gym equipment.” Out of sight, out of mind. A masterful coverup similar to Walter White’s money laundering car wash in Breaking Bad.

(Takes tin foil hat off)

Sometimes things just make too much sense, and there’s no possible way that the stars would align like that.

All I’m saying is, maybe someone should check the flight records back and forth from Garth Brooks’ home in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the airport closest to this gym in England…

Garth's gym

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