An Inside Look at HIIT Fitness Studio Zapp Fitness in Hoboken

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Every community needs its go-to gym, and Zapp Fitness is a great option for Hoboken residents. Located downtown at 84 Washington Street, the high-end fitness facility provides group classes and private sessions with experienced trainers to help clients reach their individual fitness goals. Read on to learn more about Zapp Fitness in Hoboken + its personal training options.

zapp fitness hoboken

All About Zapp Fitness + Its Classes/Sessions

Zapp Fitness in Hoboken hosts group fitness classes, semi-private sessions, and private one-on-one training. Group classes provide a mixture of HIIT training and strength training — the perfect duo for building stamina and muscle.

As for semi-private sessions, you can gather up to five people to work out with an experienced Zapp trainer. During these sessions, each client will have their own program customized to their fitness goals. Private training sessions at Zapp, on the other hand, allow you to work one-on-one with a trainer who creates a personalized program just for you.

Both training sessions are 50 minutes long and include monthly check-ins, access to the entire facility, and unlimited class options free of charge. Zapp also has monthly packages available for both semi-private and private sessions with training options 1-4 times per week for clients.

zapp fitness hoboken


Zapp Fitness Consultations

Consultations help individuals get a better idea of what they can get from Zapp Fitness. Rather than booking sessions before meeting any of the staff, you can first book a consultation online to better understand the personal training process and options available.

“During the consultation, we will ask the individual about their current level of fitness, any medical conditions or injuries they may have, and their goals for physical activity,” the Zapp Fitness team told The Hoboken Girl. “We may also conduct some basic fitness assessments.”

Based on the information gathered during a consultation, trainers will create a personalized exercise program for their clients. The program will account for clients’ fitness levels, schedules, and preferences. Additionally, during the consultation, individuals can learn about the nutrition and lifestyle habits that can contribute to their overall health and well-being.

zapp fitness hoboken

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The Zapp Fitness Experience

Zapp Fitness was created by two brothers, Jon and Joseph Puleo, in 2014. The company’s first location was in Edison, NJ, and has since expanded to Livingston and now Hoboken in 2022. Zapp Fitness of Hoboken is run by instructor Jon and head trainer Carie Contreras.

“We make exercising fun with our energetic staff and training styles, while still focusing on achieving your goals!” Carie shared. “We also know that personal training is a luxury, so we tried to make our prices cost-efficient for anyone. We really just want everyone to live a happy and healthy life without it being a financial burden.”

zapp fitness hoboken

When asked about their favorite part of operating Zapp Fitness, the team gushed about watching clients crush their fitness goals, dedicate time to their health, and gain confidence in themselves.

“The best part about running the business is creating an environment that makes fitness fun,” the Zapp team said. “That includes seeing the clients grow and achieve fitness goals.”

zapp fitness hoboken

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Zapp Fitness is located at 84 Washington Street in Hoboken. For client inquiries, call 201-989-9633 or email [email protected].

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