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All systems are a go for Chinedu Andrew Obiekea, who is eying his 2023 Mr. Olympia invitation in just over two months. In a recent Instagram post, Andrew Jacked shared a physique update ahead of his anticipated return to the 2023 Texas Pro, scheduled for August 18-19. 

Andrew Jacked is a rising force in the Open class. His rookie year was astounding as he went on to earn his IFBB Pro card at the 2022 Arnold Classic Amateur and then from there, entered and won his first pro show at the Texas Pro. Despite boasting less experience than his rivals, Jacked appeared at ease on stage, and his posing routines have only strengthened over time. 

At his debut Mr. Olympia competition in 2022, Jacked proved himself in eighth place while Hadi Choopan claimed gold. Having looked back on the show, Jacked’s former coach, George Farah, mentioned that he overcame adversity on stage with a 102-degree fever. Jacked also managed to defeat some stellar names in the Open such as Michal Krizo, Rafael Brandao, and William Bonac. 

Andrew Jacked posing at the 2022 Mr. Olympia (Image via Andrew Jacked Instagram)

Forging ahead, Jacked decided to switch coaches and joined the late Shawn Rhoden‘s former brigade: Chris Aceto and Chris ‘Psycho’ Lewis. Jacked competed at the 2023 Arnold Classic, which served as his one-year anniversary since becoming a pro.

At the event, he pushed Nick Walker and Samson Dauda before finishing third. Even though he didn’t earn gold, Andrew left the show with the Arnold Classic Best Poser Award. And while he’s certainly enjoyed success thus far, Jacked will have to earn his invite to this year’s Mr. Olympia if he wants another shot at the sport’s most celebrated event.

Andrew Jacked Looking at His All-Time Biggest, Shows Off Physique 9 Weeks from Next Show

You can find Jacked’s impressive posing routine from Instagram below: 

“Post Cardio Checkin with @therealtechnician and @psychofitness21
Few weeks left to resume Camp Psycho
Let Them Cook!
Yesszzziirrr !!!” Andrew Jacked shared. 


As the Texas Pro draws near, the lineup of contenders is coming together and the fans anticipate a thrilling contest. Hunter Labrada, the son of bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada, is eyeing the show as a chance to redeem himself after taking home the lowest Olympia placing of his career in seventh. 

Jacked, meanwhile, has shared some optimistic news online after getting his blood work done. The Men’s Open star says his health metrics are on point and actually better than ever. He is confident he can secure his Olympia qualification after falling short in Ohio back in March. 

Jacked’s and Samson Dauda’s recent performances have sparked a debate about whether aesthetic physiques are gaining an edge over mass monsters in the sport. Olympia judge Terrick El Guindy argued that competitors who rely on freak factor might get left behind in the years to come. 

According to IFBB head judges Steve Weinberger, Andrew Jacked needs work on his lower body. In a special Olympia TV appearance, Weinberger mentioned that if Jacked improves his legs, he will likely be fighting in the first call-out at the next Mr. Olympia. He added that Jacked looked flat at the 2023 Arnold Classic. 

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With just a few weeks until Andrew Jacked ramps up training with Chris Lewis, the 2023 Texas Pro is shaping up to be one of the most exciting contests of the year. Time will tell who comes out on top between Hunter Labrada and Jacked. 

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