Arnold Schwarzenegger surprises social media by playing chess with a pig | Fitness tips of the day

Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised his millions of followers with one of his latest social media posts. After leaving bodybuilding, he became a Hollywood star and made a fortune before moving into politics, including serving as governor of California.

All his business ventures helped him create an empire at home and he has his own farm. He publishes daily fitness content and tips for his subscribers and educates them on proper rest and the optimal way to train and eat.

But what no one expected was that he would try to teach his pig to play chess: “We all need training partners, that’s why we created the village. Today our #ArnoldsPumpClub mascot Schnelly was helping me with chess. Join the village (it’s free),” he wrote on Twitter.

Many were amazed at what they saw, as the actor is an animal enthusiast. The actor is an animal enthusiast and his ‘Pump Club’ is proof of that: “Arnold’s Pump Club is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daily podcast. Thanks to a helpful machine he trained, Arnold shares three tips from his daily newsletter every day and, in just five minutes, you’ll have the support, information and inspiration you need to live a healthier life,” reads the description.

All the animals that Arnold Schwarzenegger owns

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a farm in California that is home to a variety of animals, including pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, goats, donkeys, horses and a pony. Schwarzenegger is an enthusiast of farming, and enjoys spending time there. He also uses his farm as a place to teach his children about the importance of agriculture and sustainability.

In 2020, Schwarzenegger launched a line of beef products called ‘The Arnie’, from his own farm. Proceeds from the line go to charities that support sustainable agriculture.

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