As Bodybuilding Beast ‘The Nigerian Lion’ Poses With His Shredded Physique, Fitness Trainer Is Convinced of His Victory at Olympia This Year

The 2023 Mr Olympia is just around the corner and all veteran bodybuilding icons are gearing up for the biggest competition of the year. All the participants are showing off their jacked bodies on social media and riling up the fans. This year’s Olympia will be held from 2nd to 5th November at the Orange County Convention Centre and seems like one fitness coach is convinced that the ‘Nigerian Lion’ will take away the trophy.

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The 30-year-old had secured 6th place in 2022 Mr. Olympia, which was also his debut year. After finishing 6th, it appears that Samson Dauda’s efforts paid off even if he narrowly missed out on the top 5. The ‘Nigerian Lion’ left the event brimming with confidence. Samson Dauda is gearing up for 2023 Mr. O and seems like he will give tough competition to reigning Mr. Olympia Hadi Choopan.

Samson Dauda is ready for the Sandow trophy


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The bodybuilding beast recently uploaded an Instagram story where he is showcasing his poses. The mirror video was just a glimpse of his power and showed the level of shredded muscles he has. Each pose the beast was hitting was a full blow of hulk-like striations.

As soon as he uploaded the video, fitness coach Josh Kosier shared it on his Instagram story. “Just give him the Sandow now!!! It’s is over already 😂,” was the caption with which Kosier shared the story and tagged the bodybuilding champ. Dauda reshared this again to show his confidence that he might win the Sandow trophy after all. 

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The winner of Arnold Classic 2022, has previously been compared to Hadi Choopan and the bodybuilding world already anticipates his prowess in this year’s Mr. Olympia. With the tutelage of Milos Sarcev, Dauda is ready to take on the challenge. 

Dauda is unstoppable, and he knows it


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An official fan page named ‘muscular1power’, had shared a collage of the ‘Nigerian Lion’ and Hadi Choopan comparing their back muscles. “The appointment of Mr. Olympia 2023 is approaching. Who will overthrow the current king Hadi Choopan?” was the question they asked the fans.

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Dauda caught on to all the speculations in the bodybuilding world and shared a video of himself flexing in front of the mirror. Samson captioned the video saying, “In the words of Thanos, ‘I’m inevitable’.” In the video, he was posing and flexing his arms, followed by his pumped quads, and attempting to get the perfect angle for showing off his chest and traps.


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He is ready to take on the Sandow trophy fans are vouching for him. What are your thoughts on the prediction made by Kosier? Will Samson Dauda win Mr. Olympia 2023? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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