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You can’t buy your way into becoming a fitness fanatic — or in other words, the breed of person who wakes up at 6 a.m to cram a workout in before work — but there are certain products that can help maintain a healthy, fitness-forward lifestyle.

And ahead of the holidays, these types of wellness-centric products make for the perfect gift for the fit people in your life. Whether it’s innovative and chic wearable tech like the brand new Oura Ring (a stylish alternative to an Apple Watch) or the bestselling CalPak gym bag, there’s a gift for every type of fitness fanatic in your life.

Shop through the best fitness gifts in 2023 below, and peruse Variety’s more comprehensive 2023 holiday gift guide here.

Brümate Rotera 35 Oz

You’ve heard about the Hydroflask and Stanley Quencher and the more recent Owala craze but the newest water vessel that will soon have its moment is the Brümate Rotera, which is just as sleek as it is functional. The TwistSip straw lid offers on-demand sanitary sips while a Stainlesss Steel straw keeps from plastic sitting in your water all day. Their proprietary BevGuard technology keeps ice for more than 24 hours. Plus, it comes in dozens of gorgeous hues like this limited-edition Thistle color.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

Want complete peace and quiet while at the gym or on a run? You can’t beat Bose’s QuietComfort series which feature the audio company’s “CustomTune” technology that analyzes your ears and adapts sound on-the-fly like no other headphones on the market, in addition to its signature noise cancellation and premium audio.

Lifeforce Membership

The importance of specificity, personalization and clinical diagnoses is at the center of a new proactive healthcare company Lifeforce. Lifeforce’s mission is to optimize your overall health and longevity through a comprehensive membership that includes at-home blood testing of 40+ biomarkers (they send a phlebotomist to your home!), telehealth visits with a top functional medicine expert, and a personalized health optimization program created just for you. You’ll even get one-on-one health coaching to help you look, feel, and function at your best.

Plus, their current Black Friday deal saves you $300 on your initial diagnostic.

Theragun Mini Handheld Electric Massage Gun

The workout toy that saves you from aches and pains. A Theragun is a perfect you-wouldn’t-buy-it-yourself-but-would-love-to-be-gifted-it present. Ideal for those looking to kickstart their fitness journey in 2022 or even those who have been on top of their regimen for years. This massaging tool from Therabody rubs away aches and pains from muscles. Hollywood fitness trainer Magnus Lagdbuck, who just prepared Alexander Skasgard for his role in “The Northman” recently cited the percussive tool as one of his top at-home fitness recs — and if it’s good enough for a Viking, it’s good enough for dad.

Hoka Clifton 9

Hoka is aguably the most famous sneaker in the world, worn by some of the most famous names in Hollywood. Hoka, embraced by everyone from Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon to Pippa Middleton, is so good that it got its own feature in the New York Times last month, only adding to the allure of these instantly recognizable sneaks, known for their bulbous soles and dreamy colorways.

The Plunge

Joe Rogan it up with the Cold Plunge, which uses a powerful cooling, filtration and sanitation to give you a perfectly chilled clean water whenever you want it — no ice needed. It’s designed for indoor and outdoor use and installation is a breeze.

CalPak Luka Duffel

If you know someone who goes straight from the office to the gym after work, then they’re likely always in the market for the best and newest gym bag. This one from CalPak is a fan favorite, with nine pockets (including one for your shoes) and a roomy duffel compartment for larger essentials.


For the fit friend who would rather stay in shape by playing a game at the park then hitting the gym.

Nutribullet Pro 900

 This compact and optimized 900-watt personal blender comes in an array of colors, including exclusive matte editions, only available through the Nutribullet website.

Outdoor Voices District Vision Junya Sunglasses

Those who workout outside know the importance of eye protection. These performance glasses from Outdoor Voices are technically tested and feature an adjustable hypoallergenic rubber nose pad and titanium core temple tips.

Oura Ring

For the wellness guru who can’t fit an Apple Watch into their style, the Oura Ring is the best gift of the season. The innovative and stylish wearable tech device tracks over 20 biometric siganls all from your finger — from sleep scores and activity trackers to heart health and stress.

Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS only) — which is now on sale for $349 — has a few upgrades and features that are not available from last year’s Series 8 model, namely a new “double tap” gesture for additional smartwatch controls. The new model also has a faster S9 processor (compared to the S8 chip), on-device Siri voice assistant, precision “Find My” device, a brighter display — which could use a good screen protector — and more. Check out more Apple Watch deals here.

Alo Moves Annual Membership Gift Box

Check out more stocking stuffer ideas here.

Lululemon Double Roller

Stretching (and rolling) is of utmost importance after an arduous workout. This two-in-one roller is one of the best in the game, helping you release post-sweat tension in your back, arms and legs.

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

The NordicTrack is more expensive than the Echelon and Bowflex but you get what you pay for with the S1Fi, which boasts even more features than even the most comprehensive Peloton bikes. Headlining features include a mechanical shaft that’s used to simulate the actual inclines and declines of hills, while virtual ride instructors from the connected app can remotely adjust your speed, incline and resistance levels so you don’t have to worry about the control panel while riding.  

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