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Beware: Invima alerts for irregularities in Sascha Fitness products | THE UNIVERSAL

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) issued a warning about the irregularities found on Sascha Fitness products in Colombia.

The well-known report expresses that the dietary supplements of the famous influencer, which are marketed under the BCAA – Sascha Fitness Colombia brand, do not have a health registry issued by the competent authority, so their marketing in Colombia is illegal. Read here: Video: 5 keys to start a fitness life in 2023

By not having a current health registry, the entity ensures that these products are a danger to the health of consumers, since “they have not been evaluated in terms of quality, safety and efficacy. Additionally, relevant aspects such as its composition (quali-quantitative formula) and storage, transport and distribution conditions are unknown, ”says the entity”.

The products are offered with supposed high protein levels and a combination of four different components (4:11 BCAA, glutamine, HMB, HICA and Lcarnitine) for the increase, decrease or maintenance of muscle mass, improvement of the immune system, increase of energy levels and support fat loss and improvement of body composition.

They are considered fraudulent

Likewise, they claim to provide high levels of energy and guarantee better performance during physical training. However, due to irregularities found in the products, they are considered fraudulent in accordance with current Sanitary regulations.

In this regard, the Institute has warned about the risks that these types of products represent for health, which allude to unauthorized properties that give rise to false expectations about the true nature, origin, composition or quality of said products. Also read: Amadeo Llados and his purpose of helping others change their lives

Among the recommendations delivered by the responsible entities such as Invima and the health secretaries, they assure to refrain from buying the product, suspend its consumption if it is doing so, warn if there is a record of any effect associated with its consumption and report if you know where it is. they are marketing.

Finally, Invima insists on the call to the consumer so that they always verify the product’s health registration number and confirm its authenticity at this linkselecting the type of product as a group (medication, dietary supplement, etc.) and searching by name or active principle.

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