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Beware of bad advice

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The two sisters, Consuelo and Toli, discuss where it is better to train during the summer: abroad or in Peru Cáceres WellnessPERU CÁCERES WELLNESS

► With high temperatures you should avoid training outside

Surely this summer our screens will be filled with youtubers and tiktokers that they will advise us on training methods where we do not spend a single euro, and that are often carried out abroad. This poses a danger to health, and for this reason it is better to follow the advice of professionals and do sports in well-air-conditioned centers such as Peru Cáceres Wellness.

► You can sign up for 1 or 2 months with the summer quota of Peru

With the Wellness Quota you have all the directed classes included, personalized training in the fitness room machines and unlimited access to its swimming pools. And this summer you can try it thanks to its monthly summer quota with a reduced price. Do not give up air-conditioned and all-inclusive training.


  • SUMMER WELLNESS FEE: for €59 for a month and €110 for two months.
  • MONTHLY FAMILY FEE: 1-2 months at reduced annual price.
  • MONTHLY YOUTH-UEX-FP FEE: €49.5/month, one month or as many as you want.
  • GOLDEN QUOTA +65 MONTHLY: for €55/month, the months you want.
  • You also have duo quotas, adult + youth duo, aqua or morning quota. Get started today, no need to wait for day 1.

► Reach your goal faster and in a fun way with guided activities

In it Peru Caceres Wellness They have 120 classes per week included in your fee, and the coach during the assessment will help you choose the best ones for your objective, your tastes and the most suitable for your level of intensity and impact. The trend in the world of fitness and the reduction in training time has led many athletes to switch to functional training that works all our capacities at the same time with different intensities in 45-60 minutes.. To this we add that their movements have a direct transfer to our daily, work and sports life, and increase our agility and quality of life. In Peru they have classes like HBX FUSION, MOVE OR BOXING, where you work with weights, punching bags, kettlebells, elastics, slamballs or TRX.

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In Peru, families enjoy swimming pools, a playroom, activities and a fitness roomPERU CACERES WELLNESS

► The family fee allows members to be chosen between parents and children up to 28 years of age

Reconciliation is an increasingly bigger headache for families from Cáceres, and being able to train parents and children under one roof is an advantage that substantially improves our family ties, generating sports habits for everyone. With the family fee of Peru Caceres Wellness Enjoy a playroom, children’s, junior and fitness activities, swimming pools and a fitness room for those over 14.

And this summer try 1 or 2 months at a reduced annual price.


Don’t throw yourself on the sofa!

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Irene and Rebeca find out about the summer campsPERU CACERES WELLNES

In summer the screen hours rise in the smallest

After a very hard school year, our children tend to depend even more on their tablets and consoles, but we have the responsibility to provide them with healthy leisure time and help their physical and cognitive development through multi-sport activities and better in indoor and air-conditioned facilities. One of those offers is made to us Peru Cáceres Wellness with its multi-sports campus.

Campus and Stages for rhythmic gymnastics, swimming and paddle tennis with covered and heated facilities

If you still haven’t decided where to enroll your children this summer, the most fun, sporty and heated option is the one offered by the campuses of the Peru Caceres Wellness.Sign up now for your campus shifts and sports stages this summer and take advantage of the €20 discount for signing up for two shifts or more, in addition to other discounts.

With heated and covered facilities, fitness, swimming, paddle tennis and many sports, funnyenglish by Helen Doron, with free drop-off and pick-up parking and a sports gift pack. With hours from MONDAY to FRIDAY from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., with the possibility of entry at 8:30 a.m. Pick shifts all summer:

  • July 3-14
  • July 17-28
  • July 31-August 11
  • August 15-25
  • August 28-September 7

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Rafa learns with his teacher, Mario, in an intensive coursePERU CACERES WELLNESS

►Intensive swimming and paddle tennis courses

For those summer days that we spend without leaving the city, we can plan intensive courses to improve our paddle tennis or our swimming technique, or that of our little ones. In Peru they have shifts for all ages and levels, with indoor and air-conditioned facilities, and many morning and afternoon hours. This summer learn in less time with our courses from Monday to Thursday with 8 sessions per shift:

  • July 3-13 / July 17-27
  • August 1-11 / August 17-27


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