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Coco Costans gives pilates and ‘sporty’ style lessons with Dash and Stars

421 thousand followers on Instagram, an own clothing line and a whole community of lovers of the universe yogi. about the influencers coco constans it has gone from being a hobby to becoming a viral phenomenon that every day inspires us to lead a healthy lifestyle, and to listen to what our body requires through sport.

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A few weeks ago, the athlete wanted to go beyond the networks with her fitpilatesa method that she herself has devised and that he shares from the broadcast of his training sessions on his official networks.

Last Thursday, June 29the most popularizer fit of the moment she took the sport to the facilities of the Juno House in Barcelona, ​​a space as original as she is, where hundreds of women meet daily to be inspired and boost their productivity through different activities.

Cocó Constans directing her pilates workshop from the Juno House wellness space.


dash and stars

On this occasion, the content creator met with her followers from the studio of wellness of the Barcelona club, and he did so with overwhelming success that he shared with the sportswear brand Dash and Starsand which was followed by a brunch organized by the brand from the exclusive Barcelona club.

We feel, we move. That was the motto that united the trainer and fans of Pilates in an event that only took a few days to sell out, and that served as confirmation that the fitness it is much more than a trend. One that, by the way, we can join by bringing out our most glamorous side.

Pilates sets the trend

We see it every day Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and other international style prescribers who can be seen going to their pilates classes with the latest outfits. We also want to emulate their looks, a wish that Dash and Stars has been in charge of making come true with their own collections.

During the activity, both Cocó and the girls were able to show off looks of the brand with which you can also get from the catalog of your Web page.

The influencers led the session with a line set Soft Move, which we love for the elastic and enveloping fabric of its cycling top and leggings. A perfect set to practice low-impact training, and that we can find in baby blue and mint green.

The guests also brought one of the latest proposals from the Tendam group firm. We can find it inside Collagen Feel Collection: a total look mauve sports top with crossed strappy back. The best? Which is made with collagen of natural origin, to make it the clothes that adapt to us and not the other way around.

The brand of energetic women

dash and stars It has spent years putting fashion at the service of sport and a healthy lifestyle. Help us to be comfortable inside, but also outsideis the objective under which the firm of the Tendam group was born, which seeks to be the brand of “women who fight for their objectives and enjoy sport”.

The firm’s collections are committed to the most sophisticated comfort, and they do so through designs and materials designed for enhance the female silhouetteat the same time that provide the necessary comfort and freedom to continue improving each day and motivating yourself through life fit.

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