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Fitness sensation Larry Wheels is known for his crazy feats of strength and impressive muscular build. While he’s gearing up for a move to bodybuilding, he has experience in multiple strength-based sports, including strongman, powerlifting, and arm wrestling. In a recent video uploaded on YouTube, Wheels announced the launch of his first public gym.

Larry Wheels first rose to prominence for his unique blend of insane strength and his aesthetic look in powerlifting. He set the World Record of 2,275 lbs on the squat, bench, and deadlift without wraps in the 275-lb weight category, which stood till last month. Besides his extraordinary strength, he displays a jacked physique more reminiscent of a competitive bodybuilder. His potential in bodybuilding was evident from the start as he scored gold in his debut at the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic in Feb. 2018.

Wheels decided to discontinue steroids after suffering a back injury in Aug. 2022. Having been a nearly decade-long user, he couldn’t go off gear instantly and switched to TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) exclusively. He declared his ambitions to move to bodybuilding and make a splash in the Classic Physique division earlier this year.

Following the conclusion of the 2023 Arnold Classic, Wheels enlisted the help of Men’s Open standouts William Bonac and Andrew Jacked to work on his posing skills ahead of the highly anticipated debut four months ago. He followed up with a ripped physique update showing off his lean frame.

Wheels believes he can be competitive in the Classic Physique division using only TRT. He left the fans stunned with a shredded physique update boasting his unreal bicep peak in a posing session two months ago. Then, he crushed a heavy set of 150-lb incline dumbbell shoulder presses along with an impressive physique update.

Larry Wheels gave fans a look into his preparations for his Classic Physique debut with a lean physique update last month. He also smashed past a taxing set of 150-lb incline dumbbell bench press for 25 reps. Additionally, Wheels teamed up with powerlifting legend CT Fletcher for a brutal round of 500-pound paused bench press workout two weeks ago.

Larry Wheels Announces Launch of His First Public Gym

In a recent YouTube video, Larry Wheels announced the launch of his first public gym.

Wheels partnered with coach Ryan Benson of Team Zero Gravity for the project. The name of the gym is ‘OG Gym’ as in One Generation, with a focus on blending bodybuilding and powerlifting.

The main gym area had a 35-ft tall ceiling and 8,000-9,000 square feet with an additional area outside the dome structure of 6,000 square feet bringing the total space to roughly 14,100 square feet. They are waiting for the current tenant’s lease to end to start building it up according to their needs. They will demolish most of the space and start with everything brand new.

There’s a second-floor upper-level area reserved as the cardio room. Other areas were planned for posing, merchandise, recovery (cold plunge, sauna), and a meal prep service.

They don’t have a budget and are willing to spend as much as needed to build the most epic gym. Benson estimated the renovation would cost about $2 million and $1 million for equipment.

“It was always a dream of mine to open a gym,” said Wheels. “However, when I contacted people that have opened gyms, I didn’t hear the most inspiring stories. I usually heard of gyms struggling with members, struggling to make ends meet, and for a long time I was really apprehensive because I didn’t hear any success stories. All I heard was it’s not a good idea, it’s a low profit margin business, don’t do it.”

“We want the $5 million gym,” said Benson.

Larry Wheels crushed a massive 405-pound bench press in a collaborative training session with Stefi Cohen last week. He opened up on his reasons for preferring the Classic Physique division over the Men’s Open, which hosts some of the freakiest mass monsters in the world.

Wheels’ latest acquisition is an exciting idea and many fans are looking forward to visiting it.

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You can watch the full video below.

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