Could the Army’s fitness test change again?

The Army Combat Fitness Test could change — again — if the Senate Armed Services Committee’s markup of next year’s defense budget is passed.  

The final version of the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act still needs to make its way through both chambers of Congress before being signed by the president.  

The committee approved its version of the National Defense Authorization Act on June 23.  

Within the committee’s budget is a proposal to restore the Army Physical Fitness test as the test of record.  

The APFT, which was in place since 1980, had three assessments — sit-ups, push-ups and running. 

The Army started field testing an updated fitness assessment, the Army Combat Fitness Test, in 2019.  

Soldiers from Fort Bragg, which is now Fort Liberty, were part of the initial field testing.  

The Army Combat Fitness Test consists of six events, which include the maximum deadlift, the standing power throw, the hand-release pushup, the sprint/drag/carry, the plank and the two-mile run. 

It became the official fitness test for regular Army soldiers in October.  

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