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D-nee Introduces the ‘D-nee Smile Booster Series’ and Unveils New Family Presenters

Solidifying its position as the most trusted brand for millions of parents who prioritise organic products, D-nee, the leader in baby care and household goods, is the pride and joy of NEO Corporate.

As a reputable company manufacturing high-quality consumer goods that meet international standards, D-nee unveils its new presenters, first-time parents “Push” Puttichai Kasetsin, “Jooy” Warattaya Nilkuha, and their firstborn child, “PJ” Pittsaraphong Kasetsin. The brand also introduces the D-nee Organic Sweet Dream Smile Booster Series, a gentle and organic formula, at the highly anticipated #DneeSmileBooster launch event taking place on May 31, 2023, at Siam Paragon’s Fashion Hall.

Sirisupa Ajsonjorn, Chief Marketing Officer of NEO Corporate Company Limited, enthusiastically shared insights into the D-nee brand’s main concept for 2023 and its unwavering commitment to maintaining its position as the No.1 choice for every family.

“To reinforce our status as the trusted brand for baby products, favoured by mothers, and to highlight our leadership in the organic product market, backed by the numerous awards the D-nee Organic Series has received over the past year, we are now introducing the Smile Booster Series. This comprehensive product line includes head and body liquid baby soap, liquid detergent, fabric softener, body lotion, and baby oil. The series features a unique, soothing scent infused with our latest technology, Sweet Dream Tech, which helps babies feel relaxed, sleep well, and maintain a positive mood,

facilitating their readiness to explore and develop. The packaging design offers four distinct styles for our fans to collect, appealing to modern families who continuously seek novelty in both products and designs.

This year, the brand warmly welcomed “Push” Puttichai Kasetsin, a deejay-turned-actor, his actress wife “Jooy” Warattaya Nilkuha, and their baby PJ as the newest presenters for the D-nee family. They embody the spirit of the new generation of families who prioritise dedicated time for their children and exude cheerfulness and liveliness. The presenters exemplify parents who cherish precious moments with their children and possess a profound understanding of their little ones’ development, choosing only the best for their babies, thus perfectly reflecting D-nee’s brand image.

“Push” Puttichai and “Jooy” Warattaya shared their experience of caring for their newest family member and how their baby’s arrival has completed their family.

“We had longed for a baby and were overjoyed when we learned that our wish was coming true. Our bundle of joy, PJ, has brought us immeasurable happiness and an opportunity to learn and grow. Each day, we eagerly anticipate PJ’s growth and development.”

“During the first moments and throughout the first two months, we singlehandedly took care of PJ around the clock. As first-time parents, we relied on various online resources, textbooks, and guidebooks. However, when it comes to raising a child, no theory or guidebook can provide a complete roadmap. We must observe and adapt according to our baby’s behaviour. We consider ourselves fortunate that PJ responds well to our approaches, adheres to a sleep schedule, and rarely cries without reason. Crying usually indicates hunger, sleepiness, or discomfort.”

The new parents also shared their thoughts and criteria when selecting baby products.

“We meticulously handpick all baby products, paying extra attention to items that come into contact with our baby’s delicate skin. Safety, gentleness, and non-allergenic qualities are our top priorities. D-nee, as a trusted No.1 brand, is widely chosen by celebrity moms and fellow mothers who attest

to its effectiveness. After trying the products ourselves, we were genuinely impressed. Our baby PJ has not experienced any irritation or allergies.”

Jooy, the new happy mom, also expressed her joy in being a part of the D-nee family and the enjoyable experience of shooting a commercial with D-nee for the first time.

“I feel incredibly honoured to become a part of the D-nee family, especially after being a loyal fan for such a long time. I have always admired the brand’s commitment to gentle and aromatic products. Every time we use D-nee products, PJ’s face lights up with a smile. He never gets fussy or irritated. One of the most exciting moments was when I joined the shooting set for D-nee’s commercial. I was nervous since it was PJ’s first time on set, but everything went smoothly. PJ cooperated wonderfully and enjoyed himself throughout the shoot. He only cried when he got sleepy. After a good nap, he woke up as a happy baby, and we captured some adorable shots that will surely bring a smile to your face. Stay tuned for the commercial!”

D-nee’s new baby product line, the D-nee Organic Sweet Dream Smile Booster Series, caters to all the needs of mothers. The fragrant aroma is meticulously designed using the latest Sweet Dream Tech technology, which imparts a calming and relaxing scent to help lull the baby into a restful sleep. The products have been hypoallergenic tested to ensure there is no irritation. The line includes a complete range of products, such as head and body liquid soap for moisturising skin and hair, a liquid detergent with natural enzyme extracts to combat stains and provide a mild fragrance, a fabric softener that leaves laundry soft and delicately scented to reduce musty odours, a long-lasting body lotion that locks in moisture, leaving the baby’s skin soft and moisturised without any sticky feeling due to its quick-absorbing formula, and finally, a non-sticky and pure baby oil that easily absorbs into the skin.

The success of the D-nee Organic Series has been proven by winning multiple awards in 2022 from leading media outlets. D-nee proudly received six grand awards from the Asianparent Awards 2022 for product groups including head and body liquid soap, baby lotion, and baby fabric softener,

solidifying its position as a top award recipient. Additionally, D-nee earned four major awards at the Amarin Baby & Kids Awards 2022. The brand’s three consecutive wins as the No. 1 brand in the baby detergent category further establish D-nee’s reputation as a trusted brand offering organic products of the highest quality, valued by parents.

Give your baby the gift of sweet dreams and a restful night’s sleep with the D-nee Organic Sweet Dream Smile Booster Series, a product trusted and chosen by millions of mothers. D-nee products are available at leading department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets nationwide. They can also be purchased online through various e-commerce platforms or the brand’s LINE account @dneethailand. Stay updated on the latest news, fun activities, and top tips for taking care of your baby by visiting the brand’s Facebook page: Don’t forget to join the D-nee Club Membership for exclusive offers and engaging activities.

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