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Denise Austin, 66, Shares a ‘3 Minute’ Ab ’Workout’ Video

  • Denise Austin just shared a motivational workout video on Instagram.
  • The 66-year-old demonstrated a “three-minute” workout to strengthen abs.
  • The fitness star demonstrated a total of five simple moves, including punches, side crunches, and marching twists.

We love Denise Austin for many reasons—the fitness star strives to inspire women of all ages and is always sharing her top wellness tips to help her fans feel their best. But our very favorite things about the 66-year-old are her fun, informative workout videos. And now, Austin is sharing her favorite moves to “target” and “tone” abs.

In a recent Instagram video, Austin decided to share some “#MondayMotivation” with her audience—reminding everyone to get moving. And to make it easy, the star offered up a speedy, three-minute routine. “Get up with me today and move for just a few minutes. That’s all it takes to get your endorphins flowing and boost your mood!”

In the video, she named the fitness routine “three-minute thinners,” while standing on her yoga mat in comfy workout leggings and a bright orange top.

Below, we break down all of Austin’s effective moves from the three-minute video.

Side reaches

“The first exercise is reaching side to side, getting those oblique muscles warmed up, ready for action,” Austin explained. “All you do is reach side to side—really feeling it all in the sides of your waistline.” To perform the movement, Austin stands with her feet shoulder-width apart on her mat and her arms extended out, parallel to the floor, while leaning side to side with her waist.

Austin also recommended that her followers bend their knees a bit, to help “protect the back,” but to also be sure to activate their ab muscles. “While you’re doing this I really want you to pull in your abs,” she advises.


Next, Austin swiftly begins a punching-type movement in the same shoulder-width stance while transferring her weight from side to side and coming up on her toes. With each lean to the side, she punches one arm in the same direction, alternating her arm each time.

“Now to the side and front, we’re reaching through the sides of the waistline…just reach it out,” Austin says. “Add a little twist so you’re working those oblique muscles, that’s it, really reach it.”

Baby twists

After she finishes the punches, Austin stands still, facing the front, and holds her arms in a goalpost position with her triceps parallel to the floor and her hands next to her ears. “Now we hold it here and we do baby twists all through the waist, side to side,” she explains, as she twists her upper body from left to right.

“You can place your hands on your shoulders and really get that waistline worked,” she continued.

Side crunches

Next, Austin performs a side crunch. She begins by standing with her feet shoulder-width apart, her left arm extended upward, and the right arm behind her head. Then, she lifts up her right leg to meet her right elbow. She performs a few repetitions before switching to the other side.

“You’re gonna pull down, you’re gonna crunch it. This is now working the sides of the waist,” she explains. “Elbow right to the knee if you can, and go a little lower inside—that really gets the sides of the waistline.”

Marching twists

The final movement is another twist variation, but this time Austin marches in place while twisting. With her hands behind her head, she brings her knees towards her chest, one at a time, while twisting her upper body. “Hold it right here and pull it in, and do little twists, just little twists all through the waistline,” she explains. “Pull your tummy up and in—feel as though that belly button is against the spine.”

After she finishes the workout, Austin lifts her arms up and then brings them to her chest while giving her followers a round of applause. “Inhale and exhale, you did it, woohoo!”

Fans loved Austin’s video. “Calm and simple as usual. Very motivating,” one fan wrote. “Love this workout, thanks for posting,” another added.

We can’t wait to see what fun, effective fitness video Austin will share next! In the meantime, check out some of her other fan-favorite workouts below.

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