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Hydration To Immunity Boosters- Essential Tips For Baby Care During Winters That New Moms Should Know

(By Dr Nehal Shah, who is a Consultant Paediatrician, at NHSRCC Hospital)

As the winter approaches, parents, especially those with newborns, may find themselves facing unique challenges in ensuring their little ones stay cozy and healthy. Here are some tips to navigate the winter season with your bundle of joy.

Bundle Up, Baby!

The key to keeping newborns warm in winter is layering. It is recommended to dress infants in one more layer than an adult would wear in the same conditions. Opt for soft, breathable fabrics to prevent overheating. Don’t forget a snug hat to retain precious body heat.

Maintain Optimal Indoor Temperature

Creating a comfortable indoor environment is crucial for a newborn’s well-being. Set your thermostat between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Use sleep sacks and swaddles to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night.

Hydration is Key

Many parents forget that winter air can be deceptively dry. Emphasis must be laid on the importance of a humidifier in the nursery to add moisture to the air, preventing dry skin and respiratory discomfort. For expectant mothers, staying hydrated during pregnancy contributes to the baby’s overall health.

Immunity Boost for Moms-to-Be

Expectant mothers should focus on fortifying their own immune systems during winter. A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, along with prenatal supplements is recommended. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management are additional factors contributing to a robust immune system.

Mind the Germs

Winter is notorious for an increase in illnesses. Parents are advised to be vigilant about hand hygiene and limit exposure to crowded places during peak flu season. For mothers, this means staying cautious about potential sources of infection during pregnancy. 

By following these winter wellness tips, parents can create a snug and healthy environment for their newborns. Remember, a little extra care goes a long way in safeguarding your bundle of joy from the winter blues. 

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