Discover animal flow: Transforming your fitness routine

A trend that has gained significant popularity is the ‘animal flow’. Inspired by the fluid movements of various animals, it offers a unique and challenging workout experience that combines strength training, flexibility and bodyweight exercises.

In this article, we explore its benefits and how it can go on to transform your fitness routine.

What is animal flow?

It’s more than just a workout. It’s a comprehensive training method that focuses on the body’s natural ability to move and adapt. Created by fitness expert Mike Fitch, it aims to enhance mobility, strength and body awareness through ground-based movement patterns.

Unlike traditional workouts that rely on fixed equipment or repetitive exercises, it emphasizes fluid transitions and dynamic movements. By engaging the body in these unconventional exercises, you challenge the muscles in new ways, leading to improved functional strength, stability and flexibility.

Animal flow workout

It includes a series of animal-inspired movements. (Image via Youtube/Live Naturally Magazine)

Animal flow is a ground-based movement system that focuses on multi-planar, bodyweight exercises.

It draws inspiration from various disciplines like yoga, breakdancing and gymnastics. The core principle behind it is to reconnect with primal movements and tap into the innate strength and agility that lies within us.

It incorporates a series of animal-inspired movements that mimic the locomotion patterns of creatures like apes, crabs, bears and reptiles. These movements include the beast crawl, crab reach, ape reach and scorpion reach, to name a few.

By performing these exercises, you engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, promoting coordination, flexibility and stability.

Benefits of animal flow

It promotes attentive movement, building a strong bond between your mind and body (Li Sun/Pexels)

Full body conditioning: The movements engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a comprehensive full body workout. From the upper body to core and lower body, no muscle is left untouched.

Improved mobility and flexibility: The exercises promote joint mobility and flexibility, helping increase range of motion. As you perform the various movements, you stretch and strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments, resulting in greater overall flexibility.

Enhanced stability and core strength: The balance and coordination required for animal flow movements significantly challenge stability and core strength. By practicing these exercises, you develop a solid foundation and improve overall body control.

Increased body awareness: It encourages mindful movement, fostering a deep connection between mind and body. This heightened awareness can positively impact other areas of life, like posture, balance and overall body mechanics.

Fun and versatile: The workouts are fun and diverse, making them suitable for people of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced athlete, you can modify the movements to match your abilities and gradually progress as you become more proficient.

Animal flow offers a refreshing approach to fitness, allowing you to unleash your primal power and tap into your innate physical abilities.

By incorporating animal-inspired movements in your workout routine, you can enhance strength, mobility, stability and flexibility. So, why not step out of your comfort zone, embrace your inner animal and embark on a journey of movement and transformation with animal flow?

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