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Fitness championship for the cabin Alejandra Rodríguez

Alejandra María Rodríguez Salgado demonstrates, once again, why she is the best bodybuilder in Mexico of its category; On this occasion, she swept the National Championship of the Mexican Federation of Physical Constructivism and Fitness (FMFF) held in Oaxtepec, Morelos for the fourth consecutive year.

The athlete continues with an overwhelming step and the four-time championship national it is proof of it; Said achievement was obtained in her fitness bikini category up to 160 cm, which she dominates from head to toe with excellent proportions, the confidence that she projects on the stage, toned muscles and the beauty that characterizes her. Everything together has led her to proclaim herself as the judges’ favourite.

During the event, the world champion She measured herself against 6 other competitors who, like her, had an impressive body symmetry which gave a lot to talk about. Each one was attentive to the words of the spokeswoman to receive the indications of movement and poses what they had to do.

Despite the excellent work done by each and every one of them, the winner could not be anyone other than the South Californian, since her performance was synonymous with superiority and ended up raising the trophy first place with great happiness and making the number 4 with his hand, alluding to the national undefeated which it currently holds.

The Teatro Ferrocarrilero in Mexico City will be the venue for the next International Championship in which the native of Baja California Sur will face each other on September 2 and 3 of this year.

The fitness cabin seeks keep succeeding in this sport and inspire many women who strive every day to improve their physique and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Alejandra Rodríguez has a very powerful phrase that she says: ¨Always seek perfection in everything you do¨.

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