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Listen Local: 12 Health and Wellness Podcasts

In one ear and out the other? Press pause on your Eras Tour playlist for our editors’ picks of 12 local listens to help your healthy habits. From fresh health news and real-life stories in health care to transformative wellness tips and hot takes on health topics, these pods feature Minnesota-based hosts. Whether you’re working, walking, or wiping the counters, let these waves fill your headphones and kickstart your wellness drive this summer.

Cardiovascular Conversations with Minneapolis Heart Institute

While you’re upping the thumping of your heartbeat on a walk or run, tune into this heart-centered podcast focusing on the latest and greatest in cardiovascular topics and innovations from Allina Health’s Minneapolis Heart Institute, hosted by Chaska-based emergency medicine and physician assistant Dr. Fred Demeuse and Waconia-based physician assistant Dr. Jason Hicks. Discover the science behind irregular heartbeats and rhythms, varicose veins, and conditions such as venous thromboembolism (try saying that five times fast), with any of the five-star-rated episodes that launched in 2021. allinahealth.org

Deeply Human

The human condition is a trip, and Dessa is here for the ride. The lyrical virtuoso and philosophical emcee takes a deep dive inward to confront the implicit and explicit motives behind our thoughts and behaviors. From a rigorous conversation about death activism with a death doula to the ugly truths of “pretty privilege,” and our subconscious ways of forming social hierarchies to our cultural obsession with consumption, no stone goes unturned when it comes to Dessa’s probing mind. One listener calls it “an evolving take on being human by an evolved human being.” podcasts.apple.com

Depresh Mode with John Moe 

From the creators of the award-winning The Hilarious World of Depression comes this radically empathetic and life-affirming podcast hosted by radio and pod vet, author, and mental health humorist John Moe. With his straight-talking repartee and insightful observations, the St. Paul native collabs with big names in the entertainment and arts industry (think: David Sedaris, Nick Kroll, Samantha Irby, etc.)—alongside mental health pros—to destigmatize common mental health challenges, and share the tried-and-true (and relatable AF) coping mechanisms they picked up along the way. This is real talk from the peeps who have been there, done that, and understand how hard it can be to wear this uncomfy, itchy human suit. podcasts.apple.com 

Healthy Matters

Hennepin Healthcare’s internal medicine physician Dr. David Hilden offers a dose of expert advice on a range of medical issues from the front lines of Minnesota’s hospitals and clinics in this doctor-approved podcast. Based in downtown Minneapolis and launched in 2021, the pod discusses topics from processed foods, cancer, loneliness, and asthma, to diabetes, vaccines, emergency services, recreational marijuana, and autism. If it sounds a bit random, well, that’s because it is! The longtime-radio-show-turned-podcast aims to answer practical questions that many people may have about their health. In fact, some episodes—called “Hilden’s House Calls”—encourage listeners to submit Qs via email, phone, or tweets. healthymatters.org

Mindful in Minutes

Voiced by local yogi boss babe Kelly Smith, this ’cast offers guided meditations under 20 minutes. Episodes provide succinct meditations centered on specific goals (think anxiety, pain, happiness, passion, hope, and more), as well as mindfulness tools and bits of Smith’s personal experience. For expecting and new parents, Smith zens out those ever-changing pre- and postnatal times in her other podcast, Meditation Mama. yogaforyouonline.com

Mental Health In Minnesota

Looking for new ways to prioritize your mental health and wellness? Since 2017, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Minnesota has produced dozens of episodes exploring topics such as anxiety in older adults, sleep health, stigmatizing labels, cognitive behavioral therapy, perfectionism, and substance-use disorders. NAMI Minnesota staffers and advocates share personal stories of hope, and interview regional experts about mental illness, treatment, and policies. Their intersectional approach takes into account the many factors that contribute to mental health issues, such as race, gender, and sexuality, interviewing experts of countless backgrounds, experiences, and identities. namimn.org

Mental Health Solutions Podcast

Making noise in the growing field of men’s mental health, Mental Health Solutions taps various experts who, drawing on their personal and professional experiences, tackle all aspects of men’s health—mental, fitness, nutrition, and spirituality—and examine how they collide. Host Eric Strom talks with national thought leaders and pioneers in wide-reaching fields of men’s health to encourage to men open up and feel their way through the spectrum of emotions. From societal norms and gender expectations to mental health among veterans, firefighters, and police, Strom shines a light on the often under-recognized corners of men’s mental health journeys. Though new episodes haven’t been added recently, the archives offer a rich and thought-provoking sampling of men’s wellness experts and issues. mhsclinics.com

The Mind and Wellness Podcast

Hosted by licensed therapist Jennifer Herman and personal trainer Scott Quesnell, this short-form mental health chat raises awareness around issues such as anxiety, depression, and coping with life’s pressures. The duo tackle issues such as gym intimidation, food for optimal body function, minimalism, sleep hygiene, and perfectionism in bite-sized episodes—running about 15 minutes. (Note: No new episodes have been released since December 2020.) mentalhealthinc.com

Off the Charts: Examining the Health Equity Emergency

In 2021, a few doctors at HealthPartners got together and decided to take their analytic minds beyond the hospital walls, giving rise to a bimonthly podcast series called Off the Charts: Examining the Health Equity Emergency. Hosts Dr. Kari Haley and Dr. Steven Jackson bring in leading guest experts to talk about health care disparities, social determinants of health, and ways to effect change through open dialogue. Recent releases have tackled subjects like diversity in firefighting and emergency medical services, Black maternal health, and connecting communities of color to movement and the outdoors. healthpartners.com 

Talking Pediatrics

Parents and health aficionados alike will appreciate the educational, informational approach of this clinical podcast by Children’s Minnesota, home to The Kid Experts. Experts assess maternal care, adolescent health, racial equity in health, legislative actions around health care, news regarding newborn care, and more. Parents will appreciate the data-driven thoughts and ideas that may inspire how you care for your kiddos.  Launched in 2020, Talking Pediatrics goes beyond notable news like the COVID-19 pandemic and offers timely, practical, and accessible advice for parents and families alike. It truly takes a village. childrensmn.org 

The Twin Cities Wellness Collective Podcast 

Local paddleboarder and downhill skier Alex Morrall aims to ignite wellness in the Twin Cities and beyond with more than 180 episodes that explore some of the hottest topics in health and wellness, ranging from IV hydration and nasal breathing to acupuncture and mental health. Since 2018, Morrall has interviewed notable community experts, posing thoughtful (yet down-to-earth) questions to explore some of the region’s top concerns in areas including physical health, positive relationships, community engagement, and career and financial wellness. tcwellnesscollective.com/podcast 

Well Connected Twin Cities Podcast 

For many people, staying healthy means embracing a holistic approach. Well Connected Twin Cities has over 100 episodes in its repertoire including topics like acupuncture, ketamine-assisted therapy, trauma-sensitive care, using herbs for painful periods, and other wellness tools and tips. Local experts share unexpected approaches to building sustainable health habits with a soothing interview-style approach, making it a perfect pod to listen to while cooking, during your early-morning commute, or when you’re looking to unwind after a long day. wellconnectedtwincities.com

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