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Fitness star Alex Eubank embarked on a 48-hour fast but encountered some troubling issues halfway through. In a YouTube video, Eubank described the events that led to his recent hospitalization. Unsure of what caused the episode, Eubank believes it might have been an anxiety attack worsened by a lack of food. 

“They put me in a stretcher, I got to the point, on everything I love, this is the craziest thing, I told myself it got so bad where I couldn’t feel any part of my body. I feel like my body was shutting down,” Alex Eubank shared. 

Eubank is a sensation in the fitness industry who built his name with a shredded physique and engaging online content. Despite his young age of 23, he remains one of the most talked about influencers of 2023. Losing weight and staying fit are top priorities for Eubank. He thought it would be wise to cleanse his body with a water/tea/coffee-only fast before committing 100% to his bulking efforts. 

Intermittent fasting is a commonly used strategy for weight loss that involves abstaining from food for an extended duration of time. The effectiveness of this diet stems from its ability to let you consume larger portions, which can help with the sensation of fullness, an essential factor for weight loss. 

“I Accepted The Fact That Death Was Coming” – Alex Eubank Breaks Down Fasting Health Scare 

Eubank checked in with fans before starting the 48-hour fast. 

“Alright, so this is the start of my 48-hour fast. I’m doing this for religious reasons,” said Eubank. “It’s going to be a lot of water. Everybody is asking me why I’m fasting when I just started my bulk. I literally just started the bulk. I had the fattest meal last night.” 

A day into his fast, Eubank said he began to feel numbness in his lips. Progressively, Alex felt worse at the movie theatres and went to the emergency room. 

“I feel like I can’t open my right eyeball all the way, remember when I kept saying I couldn’t feel my feet. That was like the beginning of it for sure because I’ve never had that happen before. I remember I started feeling the numbness and I started feeling my lip.” 

“There was a dude that came up to me and wanted a picture when I was like mid-passed out. I tried to just and I tried to call my dad. Tried to fix it by walking around, and standing up was the worst thing I could have done. Because I just went full freak-out mode. My signature, when they told me to write, I was like bro what? What’s crazy about the whole thing is my mind was completely 100% aware of what was happening but I could not control my body at all. I thought I was dying. The moment where everything got hella numb, I felt like I was dead or just a few seconds away from dying,” said Eubank. 

After getting his heart checked, Eubank was convinced it was a panic attack exacerbated by a lack of food. 

“So we ended the fast, we did about 24 hours basically had… I’m going to be doing a heart stress test here soon. Getting my heart checked out. We’ll be getting blood work again, making sure that I’m all good. But basically, I’m pretty sure, 99% sure, it’s just anxiety. I had a mean panic attack and I think it was amplified due to the fact that I had no food in me for 24 hours which I’ve never done before. I have a pretty high metabolism and you guys know I tend to eat a lot.” 

“I tend to get pretty hypoglycemic pretty quick,” added Eubank. “At the beginning of the Barbie movie, my feet and hands were getting cold. You know how people who have low iron whatever had cold hands and feet. Usually, I’m very hot.” 

“I was just trying to ride the wave how I usually do [with panic attacks] and just get through it. Then it started to get my hands, my, my arms, my legs, my stomach, my back, my chest, everything started to get numb. The way I would explain it – the only place I felt anything was – my face was numb – keeping my center of my chest where my heart was that’s the only thing that didn’t feel numb. I couldn’t move. ” 

Looking back, Alex Eubank explained that the situation was so dire he thought he might die. 

“I could barely even speak. Called 911 basically, had them send an ambulance because I’ve never had this happen,” said Eubank. “I’ve never had this happen before. Usually, I always fight it off but when it got to the point I can barely even speak words, I couldn’t move anything, I would try to move my hand and they were stuck.” 

“I accepted the fact that death was coming.” 

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Fans have taken notice of bodybuilders and now influencers dying at a young age. ‘Leo Longevity’ passed away at 34 in Thailand after mysterious circumstances in Jan. A month ago, Jo Lindner died at just 30 years old, paving the way for discussions about the dangers of low body fat percentages. While an autopsy report has yet to be released, others have speculated that COVID-19 vaccines, steroids, or Rippling muscle disease could be the reason he died. In light of the trend, most in the fitness community are on high alert. 

As for Eubank, fortunately, he appears to be on the mend. However, his story is a stark reminder that attempting any sort of fasting strategy should be practiced with care and caution, regardless of age and health status. 

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You can watch the full video on Alex Eubank’s YouTube channel below: 

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