Fitness influencer succumbs while trying to lift 210kg, details here

Prominent fitness influencer’s life cut short in a tragic accident during a 210kg squat-press at a Bali gym.

New Delhi: Fitness influencer and bodybuilder Justyn Vicky met a tragic end on July 15 in a freak gym accident while strength training at The Paradise Gym in Sanur, Bali. Attempting to squat-press an astonishing 210kg weight with just one spotter behind him, the 33-year-old faced a devastating mishap that claimed his life.

Reports from the Daily Mail revealed that Vicky struggled to complete the Herculean lift, leading to the barbell slipping off his shoulders. The sudden and forceful impact caused his neck and head to snap forward in a horrifying instant. Despite the spotter’s efforts to intervene, Vicky collapsed to the floor, and the immense stacked weights mercilessly crashed down on the back of his neck, causing irreparable damage.

Chilling footage capturing the accident circulated, showing the heart-wrenching moment when Vicky’s neck gave way, sealing his fate tragically.

Following the accident, Vicky was rushed to the hospital in desperate need of medical attention, but his injuries proved insurmountable, leading to his untimely demise. A broken neck claimed the life of the promising fitness influencer, leaving behind a community of over 30,000 Instagram followers in mourning. The shocking news rippled through the fitness world, with friends, fans, and fellow influencers paying tribute to the departed bodybuilder.

Among those grieving was Vicky’s close friend, Kang Gede, who remembered him as “a good person, polite and sociable,” reflecting on the positive impact he had on others’ lives.

The Paradise Gym, where Vicky dedicated his time and efforts, was deeply affected by the loss of their beloved fitness expert. In an emotional statement, they highlighted that Vicky’s presence extended far beyond that of a regular gym-goer. He had become a beacon of inspiration, motivation, and unwavering support for everyone he encountered. The gym community cherished his infectious energy, compassionate guidance, and genuine passion for helping others transform their lives.

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