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Fitness Park finalizes its landing in Galicia

Fitness Park will undertake the second half of this 2023 with dynamism. The French chain has announced the opening of its first gyms in Galicia on July 8, which will be located in the Marineda City shopping center in A Coruña. This will have 1,400 square meters and will employ seven workers.

Fitness Park A Coruña has been designed following the new concept that the French chain launched at the opening of its gym in Plaza Río 2 in Madrid. This is characterized by accentuating the image of a multiboutique center, so that each section has a specific image following the tastes that the chain has detected that show the different user targets in each of the sections that the installation includes.


The new gym that will open on July 8 in San Sebastían, will become the sixth project of a new plant that opens this 2023 Fitness Park. The predecessors were the centers opened in January in Murcia; in April, in Usurbil; Also in April, in Madrid (Plaza Río); in May, again in Madrid (Príncipe Pío street), and also in May, in Barcelona

On the other hand, Fitness Park is preparing a new gym for next August, in this case, on Zumardia boulevard in San Sebastían. The facility will have 1,300 square meters and will operate under the name of Fitness Park Bretxa.

This establishment will be the fifth that the French brand establishes in the Basque Country, since it is already present in Barakaldo, Bilbao, Usurbil and Vitoria.

As of today, Fitness Park has 19 centers in Spain. These add up to a total of 41,040 square meters, serve 67,000 subscribers and employ 133 workers.

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