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FITNESS: Plyometric box, the fitness accessory that raises the level of your workouts


plyometric boxes They are one of the most underrated accessories in the fitness world. But the truth is that if you add them to your exercise routine, you will find multiple additional benefits. Not only will it make you get bored much less, but it will improve the performance of your muscle mass and help you lose weight.

You can describe muscular power as the

amount of force that your muscles can generate in a short period of time. Interestingly, the way you train this area of ​​your fitness is not necessarily the same as it is for other goals, such as increasing muscle size.

One of the reasons for this is that your muscles can consist of different types of muscle fibers and the way you work your muscles can influence the proportions of your muscles.

plyometric boxes They can be used for different exercises, but the most popular is jumping jacks, an exercise that is excellent for training fast twitch muscle fibers and in turn muscle power.

Plyometric boxes and their benefits for the knees


plyometric training it offers many benefits and one of the best is that it can help you make your knee and ankle exercises more affordable. One of the main alternatives to the box would be a jump squat, as the box greatly minimizes the impact upon landing.

Optimize the vertical jump

As mentioned,

improve muscle power It’s one of the things that plyo boxes are good for. Being able to generate a lot of leg power in a short amount of time isn’t just useful in box training, there are other situations where this can help as well.

More specifically, plyometric training has the potential to

improve vertical jump performance both in healthy individuals and athletes. In turn, better vertical jumping performance can help in sports like basketball or just be a fun skill.

More variety to your exercise routine

While it’s all a matter of taste and preference, many people enjoy the variety of using different fitness equipment and doing different exercises. And if you compare box jumps to jump squats, a lot of women find it fun to be able to

focus on a specific goal instead of just jumping into the air as high as possible.

Enjoying your workouts more may seem like a luxury at first. However, this will also influence how easy it is for you to stay consistent with your

Exercise routine. If this is the case for you, any additional enjoyment you get from plyo boxes could also lead to more benefits for your health.

Woman training. /PEXELS

coordination and balance

Like many other components of fitness, it is often possible to improve

coordination and balance with the plyometric box jumps, which are challenging but not over the top. Having better coordination and balance skills is not only good for fitness, but it helps you in your daily life on all levels.

build muscle

Plyometric boxes can also contribute to

develop and strengthen many different muscles. For example, step-ups can help you grow and strengthen your leg muscles like your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, inner thigh muscles, and outer thigh muscles.

On the other hand,

feet elevated pike push-ups they can help you grow and strengthen your deltoids (major shoulder muscles), triceps (upper back arms), and trapezius (upper shoulder muscle). And one thing to keep in mind is that you can add weights to your plyo box workouts for even more optimal results.

Lose weight

In a simplified version, the

weightloss, and more specifically fat loss, boils down to making your body require more energy than it comes from the things you eat. When you get to this point, your body draws on energy stores like body fat in order to function. This is why you should consider the plyo box, as it will require more energy from your body than more standard movements.

In addition, doing the exercises

plyometric box Correct exercises with the right weights and repetitions can also help you build muscle mass, which in turn increases energy use throughout the day. In simpler words, any activity that makes you burn more calories can help you lose weight.

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